Docker in Docker

Docker in Docker

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Docker technology is currently widely used in DevOps. We need to package the test or build code and automation scripts into Docker images and deploy them in various operating environments.In CI/CD, we use some CI/CD servers, such as Jenkins and GoCD, to build and deploy our applications to automate CI/CD.Now, many CI/CD servers are actually made into a Docker Image running on a real physical machine. At this time, we actually need to build and run our CI/CD server's Docker container. Docker image, which involves the "Docker run Docker" problem. A very natural idea is, do we need to install a Docker Daemon and Docker command in the CI/CD server image? This is a very natural idea, but I always feel that installing Docker in the Docker image is a bit lame. In fact, we do not need to install Docker on the CI/CD server. Instead, we directly borrow from the host machine. So, we need to start "Docker in Docker" like this:Docker adopts the C/S architecture. Docker's successful operation requires the support of Docker Daemon and Docker Client (client). When we run some commands such as docker build, we actually need Docker Client to connect to Docker Daemon to


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