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Quote: Android virtual machine is inherently slow?

The speed of the Android virtual machine has always been known as slow. Frequent Caton's Android virtual machine is a very painful thing for developers, which greatly affects the developer's efficiency and mood.Now I would like to introduce a way to speed up the Android virtual machine. If your computer has an Intel CPU supporting Intel(R) Virtualization Technology (VT) (you can use VT technology, if you are an i5 or higher intel CPU , generally have this technology, if it is AMD's CPU should not be able to enjoy the following "welfare"), you may wish to try it, very guests since the use of Android virtual machine acceleration, run, debug the application of the speed to achieve true Speed.

First, download the CPU/aBI for the intel atom Android system image

Android Virtual Machine Acceleration - Intel HAXM Accelerates the Real Machine Certainly taking into account compatibility issues and other reasons unknown to most guests, the off-the-shelf Android virtual machine downloaded from the Internet is often "armeabi-v7a", and the CPU system image of this architecture is not hardware of Intel(R) Virtualization Technology (VT). Acceleration, which is the reason for the slowness of the Android virtual machine card, may be the same as previous thoughts of most of the friends and the Java virtual machine is slowing down the speed of the Android virtual machine. Open the SDK Manager Please select an intel system image as described in the figure to download: Intel x86 Atom System Image Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image ARM EABI v7a System Image

Second, download and install the Intel HAXM extension

Open the SDK Manager, check the Intel HAXM download and install   Android Virtual Machine Acceleration - Intel HAXM Accelerates the Real Machine

Third, the new CPU/ABI Intel Atom Android virtual machine

After completing the above steps, you will create an Intel Atom virtual machine with CPU/ABI, and then start the virtual machine. You will find that the idea that the Android virtual machine is inherently slow is not correct! Android Virtual Machine Acceleration - Intel HAXM Accelerates the Real Machine  

Fourth, related downloads:

Android 5.0, API 21, CPU/ABI download address for intel atpm system image:


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