BY request note description and feedback page

BY request note description and feedback page

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First, software introduction This software is an Android user's big job: BY leave article means to provide students with basic functions such as leave request, counselor's leave, teacher confirmation, notification push, email notification and password reset. Interactive features such as live chat and chat (time is limited, this feature is not implemented). Second, software function introduction 1. Connected to the virtual host to achieve network login function, and remember the password and other details; 2. Use database management BY leave articles, course information, class information, leave records, class selection records; 3. Passing data in the form of a JSON packet: The server queries the database for the PHP language and the client resolves to the Android java language. 4. Two ways to deal with leave request: the counselor can use the Android client or click on the link in the email to directly approve and reject the student's leave request through the browser GET method; 5. Implementation of email reminder notification: Use the email address of, when the student has a new leave request, counselor approval or refusal to take leave, notify the relevant personnel in a timely manner; 6. Sharing function: BY leave request for you to automatically


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