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There is an article in Wang Baiyuan’s blog that describes how to use PHP to determine whether an article is included in Baidu. The results of a friend who may try to see his own display are not the same as those of my personal blog.Next, we will introduce to you the automatic judgment of whether the website page is indexed by Baidu through PHP, and whether the current page of the site manager is prompted by Baidu to be included in the stamp suspension method, and provide the stationmaster with a quick submission of the current page to the entrance of Baidu, every time. You can manually submit new articles to Baidu when the page is published. Add Baidu's seal to the top right of the web page   In the top right of my blog post I added a watermark similar to the "Baidu Icon", with a transparent suspension effect, similar to the forum's "Everything" stamp effect.This effect is not only more cool, it can also attract the attention of visitors, and you may click to submit to Baidu unaccepted pages without your knowledge.Here's how to realize this exactly.

First, add PHP to determine whether the article is Baidu included code

Please refer to my previous article "PHP implementation to determine whether the article was included in Baidu"

Second, in the reference "baidu_record ()" function where the CSS code

Among them: "Baidu" icon css:

Style="right: 20px;//icon 20px from the right side of the parent container; position: absolute;// positioning element is absolute, the implementation of the icon hover color: red; / / included when using color: #2565D8;  

"Baidu" icon parent container "span" CSS:

Float:right;//Hover the icon to the right font-size: 7em; z-index: 99;//Is the icon hovering over the other tabs, this needs to be adjusted according to the actual opacity: 0.8;//Implement the icon transparent effect position Irrelevant

Third, expand

In order to save the website's bandwidth, Wang Baiyuan's blog icon should use Font Awesome icon font as much as possible. If you think this is not beautiful, you can PS a seal picture. The above CSS is also applicable.


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Reprinted Note Source: Baiyuan's Blog>>https://wangbaiyuan.cn/en/at-the-top-right-of-the-page-the-page-baidu-included-seal-2.html

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