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The backtracking method traverses the solution space tree through a depth-first traversal strategy. Its implementation process is to search for all its child or child nodes from the root node, and determine for each node whether it satisfies the constraint conditions and the decision function if it is satisfied. Entering this node also searches this node for its children.The node that owns a child node is called a live node. When no node is found in the search, the original parent node is returned to continue to search for a live node, and so on until the backtracking algorithm searches for the solution space tree. Backtracking is a omnipotent algorithm for solving problems because it traverses through all the possible solutions to the problem. If you construct the space tree correctly, you can traverse through the solution space tree.The backtracking algorithm can solve all possible solutions to the problem. When we actually solve some optimal solution problems, we can cut off the subtree that is worse than the intermediate solution by the pruning function.

The minimum solution of m for the m-coloring problem of undirected graphs



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