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A plug-in introduction

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging programs, but there are no other "microlingual" features of some blogging CMS programs.Sometimes we just want to express our emotions in one or two sentences. We want to send a micro-blog using wordpress and send a talk. There is no need to write a story about growing up, and if the number of words is lost, the truth of “crying hair” is completely lost.The last time I wrote an article written in wordpress, the visiting friends were very enthusiastic and wanted to make plug-ins. This plug-in is at the request of many users to provide wordpress function, wordpress can not only lengthy, but can be overstated.

Second, the use of attention

Since I am not a professional wordpress developer, there is not a lot of time to optimize this feature.This plug-in provides features such as publishing and speaking. As for the style of the page, the interface file only shares what I am using. My interface style may not be suitable for you. This may require you to adapt the presentation page according to your theme. Layout and style.

Third, the plug-in screenshot

Preview address: http://wangbaiyuan.cn/shuoshuo

Computer interface:

BY talks about -wordpress talk about plugin release and feedback

Mobile interface:

BY talks about -wordpress talk about plugin release and feedback        


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