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Inadvertently opening the blog's access data, suddenly found several interesting conclusions, "big data" shows:

1. The periodic troughs are Sundays and Sundays, because everyone is generally on weekends;

2. February 14 to February 22 have a long valley, because the Spring Festival holiday

3. Visits on Saturdays of the same week are almost exceptionally higher than Sundays

4. Chinese New Year is lower than Saturday and Sunday"2018 China Internet Company Overtime Report Non-Professional Edition"

Based on some facts, accessing this blog is mostly domestic programmers. The following conclusions can be drawn:

1. Chinese internet IT companies tend to choose to work overtime on Saturday

2. In the Spring Festival, we should not work overtime. This time the traffic is about the basic flow. We can divide the number of visits over the weekend (E) minus the number of visits during the Spring Festival (S), and divide it by the weekly peak (MAX) minus the Spring Festival. Calculate the overtime rate (E - S) / (MAX - S) for the weekend, import the data and calculate it over the average: Overtime rate for China IT industry: 21.53% on Saturday, 17.22% on Sunday


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