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Nowadays there is a lack of understanding among traditional classrooms, teachers and students. The atmosphere of discussion and exchange during classes is not enthusiastic. Personally think that one is due to the lack of communication between teachers and students; second is the progress of knowledge of professors in university classes. There may be less interaction time between teachers and students, and there will be less review of students under the class.This often leads to: The teacher thinks the current child does not study well, the student thinks the teacher teaches too fast and lacks anger.

Creativity - O2O College Education Models from Class to Class

We can provide an O2O education mode where teachers can leave some questions of the current course on this platform so that students can discuss it. The teacher can further understand his students in reading student discussions. We found students who were reticent in the classroom but had a certain degree of thinking and ability. At the same time, they published comments and instructions using the APP.(For example, we recently had an outline teacher who asked some students to publish their views on the video they saw on the class. Often there was not enough time or the eager people lacked confidence to dare to go to the podium.) Sleeping on mobile phones and sleeping in class is the biggest bad impression left by contemporary students for college teachers. I don’t know if a large number of teachers will feel that modern students are not learning, but you will also find that many students will be serious about knowing social media. Some technical, cultural and social issues are discussed instead of the celebrity entertainment news. They are also learning, but many people are now used to expressing themselves through the Internet.Why don't we build a platform for teachers and students to communicate.Let the teacher discover the student and let the student remember the teacher (a sad thing about the college is to finish the class, but the students don't know the teacher's name). The services we can provide include: thematic discussion, teacher-student chat, teacher release knowledge points, course progress (students can prepare according to this before the class preparation), educational notices (such as test time release), Q & A, and Leave service (student leave, counselor leave (instructor's signature can use iPhone fingerprinting), teacher leave).Other to be discussed. Our innovation lies in using the O2O model to achieve higher education, supplementing it as a higher education class, and giving students the usual hours according to the performance of the students under the class, stimulating students' learning atmosphere under the class.


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