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The spray or the bar may not know that he is a spray or a bar, just want to refute the views of others to show their sense of existence, to satisfy their vanity and proud of it.It is a pity that they have lost a chance to learn and absorb other people's ideas.There is also a higher level of spray, do not know that the other side sometimes say the words have his special context, but take the words out of the other side, do not think about the author in the specific context of the context, but to find the surface of the loophole to spray, to such people suggested that they learn "pragmatics."

[Caption Id= "align=" AlignCenter "width=" 500 "] communiCommunication begins away from the spraycation [/caption]

And for the spray, can not care too much, some ideas if it is their own moment of insight, can be written down, because it is right in the context of this moment, if in time these ideas are indeed wrong, there is no need to thin themselves, because this is a process of growing and perfecting their own ideas.If you care too much about other people's comments, you dare not say anything, there will always be a lack of self-confidence. Of course, the criterion for determining the spray is whether the other person is not with the goodwill to explore the problem, this kind of goodwill follows the "listening-feedback-fusion" process, first listen to each other's views, razzi both sides into the same context, this time combined with their own life experience or knowledge reserve to express their views, not in the sky, expand scope.Instead of holding a winning heart to try to "crush" each other, but with the "knowledge of the Heart", or "Develop others" mentality. So, now do not like to publish some opinion text in the circle of friends, because it is difficult to introduce a complete context in the short text of a circle of friends.


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