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Website's overnight keyword dropped to 0

Wang Baiyuan’s blog was suspected to be lost by Baidu’s search K. Since the last month of the 17th, the number of keywords has been decreasing. Until this month, the number of keywords has dropped to 0. Yesterday it even passed the keywords “Wang Baiyuan’s blog” and “Wang Baiyuan”. The website is not in the top 5 or even can't search my website. The reason for the preliminary judgment may be that www.wangbaiyuan.cn that I analyzed last month went to this website. I did not implement 301 redirect to wangbaiyuan.cn because of negligence, leading Baidu to think that My site is mirrored.Before I found the exact reason, I decided to use the Baidu webmaster platform to take a closed-end protection to prevent unknown reasons from further impact on the website SEO.   A cool HTML5 "Closed Protection" 404 page   During the closed protection application period, Baidu requested that the protected website be out of reach: the full station HTTP status code is set to 404, or the server will be shut down.The method of not analyzing the domain name cannot pass the closed-end protection audit.Therefore, if the virtual host user cannot cut off the power of the server, the whole station 404 can be used to apply for closed-end protection.

Create the following content index.php to achieve the entire station 404

You can rename the original index.php file of the original root directory and create a new index.php file as follows:

This page is accessible but the HTTP status return code is 404, implemented by html5, can meet 404 requirements, and the interface is still cool!


A cool HTML5 "Closed Protection" 404 page    


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