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Our family's "bite neck"

When I was a child, there was a big sycamore in front of my house.Indus is very large. It was there when I was born.When I was young, I asked my father: "This is ugly, kind of not good at home, cut it off."Daddy laughed and said:" Silly boy, this tree can be used to a great deal!This tree has emotions and needs a sincere heart to treat her."I don't understand how people have feelings with the tree. 歪 neck tree and anthomaniac Later on the summer night, my mother told me about the "Glorious Deeds" of the Big Indus: Our home was built on a steep slope near the reservoir.The slope to the reservoir is very steep, almost vertical, and the slope is not far from my house. The big indus has never slapped his neck, and his body is well-proportioned and luxuriant.Later in the summer, Huangmei County hit a gale with heavy rain.The strong wind blew down the 108 street trees along the highway. It was uprooted, and it fell by the roadside seven times.Many people’s homes have been set off by cars and people on the middle of the road, and the kitchen outside the main house has been knocked down by a fallen tree.Mom said that was the biggest storm she had ever seen since she was born. "What about that?How is your family?"" The house's tile is also set off a lot, this is not the main thing.Because our home is near a steep slope, it was raining heavily and heavy rain washed down the steep slope.The rain is wrapped up in the rain-fighting flower grass that has washed away the layers of yellow sand.Seeing that we must reach our house... "" "Ah..." I was shocked when I listened to my mother, and my eyes almost burst into tears. Later, the steep slope was known to cross under the plane tree.Most of the roots of Indus are leaking, and they can clearly see their depth in the ground. The thick roots reveal a gully under the scourge..." The memory of her mother seems to return to the storm. " Finally, the roots on the other side still cling to the land, and behind the plane trees, no more sand and sand were washed away. However, the giant cypress was blown to the side of the reservoir in the storm, and the large trunk on one side was Blow off." "So, the indus was blown off halfway and it became smashed?"In my heart, I paid tribute to the big oyster neck oil.Since then, in the essay of elementary schools, "Our family's 歪 neck" was fried by me again and again. Since listening to my mother's story, I have never said to cut down the neck of the big Indus.And I would secretly take some of the lime from my home and decorate it, and apply it to the "wound" left by the blown off half of the trunk to prevent the insects from biting and the bird to make a nest.I understand what my dad calls a "true heart" of the tree. The neck tree, to accompany me for a warm childhood, remembering countless summer nights, I repented in my mother's arms, my mother sat on a small wooden stool, listening to my father telling me a story and back to Tang poetry, we were in full bloom The big phoenix under the cool shade, watching the stars under the curtain, blinking, seeing the gladiolus on the moon like a frost, watching the firefly fluttering in the slight fluorescence.I just slept like this into a gentle dream. In my dreams, we were jealous, and there was a "necked neck."


Dad likes to fool some fruit trees behind his home, such as figs, pomegranates, and plum trees. Occasionally, some flowers are mixed.The layout is well-balanced, and the flowers and trees are not mixed; as soon as someone comes to my house, they will look at my family's "post-flower orchard," and mostly praise the word.Some people may also say, "Oh, old king, it takes a lot of flowers to look good. There are many kinds of fruit trees next to your home. Your family doesn't depend on selling fruit to make money; it's still a lot of flowers to look good." Flowering is fun, and fruit is practical.The cultivation of flowers is a very good way to cultivate one's body and cultivate one's morality. At the side of one's bustling clusters of flowers, enjoying flowers, smelling flowers and enjoying in the heart - an idealistic place for idealism; and in the eyes of a boring person, nature is a fruit tree. It is true that we feel it in our hands and eat it. Without exception, anyone who visits my hometown, "Huaguoguoyuan," will notice that the crane stands on the neck of a flower tree: "Yeah, ah, the flowers that you have raised are all good. This is a bad tree.When I go to one side and fall off the leaves, I don't look good, but I also have trouble. If I cut it off, I can free up a large area of ​​flowers." Dad always smiled and said: "This tree, wind and sand fixation, there is a life-saving grace for my house, what is the relationship between the ugly point, the key feelings."I know that Daddy treats people as a treat. Or else people say, Dad still did not cut the tree, this one until high school.However, the fruit trees were cut down and replaced with flowers. Finally, our family’s neighborhood also planted flowers and plants.Between several families, they are always happy. Life needs a little bit of flowers and clothing, love life, you should understand the taste of life. 歪 neck tree and anthomaniac Later I went to junior high school and read high school. I never fretted on the leftovers of my family's ‘bite neck tree’ in my composition. I didn’t think it was a big deal to look at my neck. After returning home on a Friday in the second year of high school, when he first entered home, he smelled a chain saw gasoline, and then a roar.I ran to the backyard. My father was holding a chain saw and saw the neck of our house. Under the shock of the chainsaw, the sycamore leaves were smashed down and fell to the back yard. Next to the two uncles, they were stranded with ropes. Stay on the branches of the "necked neck" and pull the rope firmly to pull the Indus toward the reservoir to prevent the burrowing Sycamore from falling to the house.I am a bit embarrassed, very sorry, very puzzled, but in front of a few uncles.I cannot expose childlike high school students who are childish. The sound of the chain saw stopped for half an hour and the main trunk of Indus wanted to cut off.The dad and the uncle pulled together the ropes and asked me to help. They shouted a few times, and exerted their efforts to pull off the last cross-linked trunk of Indus.Along with the tears of "Yao," the neck fell and the branches and leaves hit the water like a sobbing choke, a residual sheet on the reservoir, and a rolling bird's nest. The life of Daisuke's neck went to the end. You can surely think of the following thing. Dadang's neck was disassembled and his axe broke open.The trunk was sold to the timber factory and the branches became combustibles in the stove. I don't understand. I asked my father why he cut his neck. Didn't he say he didn't cut it? "The tree is bigger, it occupies the place, and it doesn't look good in the yard." "What's the relationship?It is not necessary to prevent wind, sand and sand. Now that my house was near the reservoir, the government strengthened the road to build a wall of cement and marble. I would also like to continue to ask: "Isn't there feelings, not the savior of the house?", because I would not allow others to see my "childishness" mentality, I will not ask again.However, as a student who has received science education, I clearly know that the Indus shelter is only its roots, but it can also be considered an instinct for life. All things are ruthless and this one is passionate.It is sincere to leave you at the beginning. It is sincere to give up now.It was true that you had defended you by defending you. Many of the reasons for resolving to give up on you are true words, not hypocrisy. How can people and trees have feelings?fool! Daddy planted flowers in the place where the phoenix trees were left empty, and the varieties of flowers also changed batch after batch.He often asked other people what kind of flowers should be planted in the season. It was best to see what kind of flowers our family had grown. Many of the flowers he had never seen before but felt like it were all planted, but these flowers were eventually replaced. In the end, I don't know if he really loves flowers, or whether it really is an "insulin." I think that flowering is understandable. It is not necessarily sad to cut down a large-necked tree.It's just flowers and trees. There's no need to go online and go up to the level of "new and old." Until many years later, I found myself turning into a big neck tree.Yes, it is true regardless of abandonment and stay.  

Lack of hanging on the moon Tong, missing the early static.Picking up cold branches is not acceptable, lonely sandbars cold.

On the morning of June 24, 2016, the plot is completely fictional. If there is any similarity, it is yours to copy me.


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