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The difference between code farmers, hackers, and 2B programmers


The difference between code farmers, hackers, and 2B programmers

2B programmers: The difference between code farmers, hackers, and 2B programmers

Find the 32nd power of 2:






2B programmers:


Exchange two numbers:





2B programmers:


Class attribute definition:





2B programmers:


Mobile phone development platform:

Code grower: WinCE/BlackBerry/Symbian/Android

Hacker: iPhone

2B programmer: MTK

Desktop application interface development:

Code Farmers: Swing/MFC/C#

Hacker: WPF

2B Programmer: VB (Haha, don't blame me, I've also done VB projects. I have no prejudice, but there are too many nonsense about VB. Even Dijkstra said, “It is practically impossible to teach good programming to Students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.”)

instant message applications:

Code Farmer: Work: MSN, Life: Skype

Hacker: Work: GTalk, Life: Confidentiality

2B programmer: Work: Tencent QQ, Life: QQ

Question query:

Code Farmers: Google Search

Hacker: Google Scholar/Scirus

2B programmers: Baidu knows

Window crash solution:

Code Farmers: Searching for Causes and Solutions Based on Exception Information

Hacker: Brother does not need Windows from the sensible!

2B programmers: Reinstall the system (universal solution), install 360

Personal Blog:

Code Farmers: CSDN/CNBlogs/BlogBus

Hacker: Personal station (I'm not boasting, haha)

2B programmer: QQ space

Interview location:

Codex: Conference Room/Classroom

Hacker: Cafe

2B programmer: canteen

Java interview questions:

Code Farmer: Please tell us the meaning of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

Hackers: If you were to design a system to count the total number of all roads in the world, how would you design?

2B programmers: Please talk about the difference between Spring2.5.6 version and 2.5.5 version?

With only this smile, what more interesting programmer version do you have?

Original: http://www.techug.com/the-diffenents-between-coder-hacker-and-2b-programmer


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