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It is on the treacherous days of July that the weather in the south of the Yangtze River is naturally like a fire.However, this heat is different from that in the north. The humid water vapor seems to have saturated in the air, and the breeze that is not conducive to cooling off. Although I have not steamed the sauna, this feeling combined with meager imagination, I think the real The sauna should be the same as this. I have long heard the teacher say that Hangzhou is in a state of flux. I, as a southerner, do not take it seriously.However, in the youth hostels on the banks of the West Lake, because of Yishanbangshui's sake, the water vapor that lingers on the Qinglong Mountain was not able to be distributed among the mountains. I think this will undoubtedly add to the dampness of the Youth Hostel.(Note: To avoid advertising effects, the name of the hostel is hidden.) At 12:00 on July 16th, the 1152 train, which was fast and slow, stopped for more than 20 hours and finally arrived in Hangzhou. After taking a picture in Hangzhou City Station, We rushed to the youth hostel.The environment of the youth hostel is better than I thought. Although we have 6 boys in a single 6-bed room, there is wifi air conditioning (and billiards!), and located in the vicinity of the West Lake, to the best of convenience, although the abnormal moisture, my heart is still satisfied.Dream "Hang" Line - Youth Hostel on the West Lake We paused at the youth hostel and we finished our dinner at 7:00 pm. The pedestrians took a car and walked about 2 km to West Lake Sudi.Because the dormitory's hostel is nearby, we don't need to go in a hurry, stroll, chat, listen to the hustle and bustle in the shade of the trees, and the modern traveler who is so arrogant and unprepared can't understand it. Even though the West Lake is not as popular as tourists during the day, it is still crowded.In the evening, the West Lake can only see the stars of the Leifeng Pagoda around the city and the lake. The cruise ship on the lake is faintly visible under the shadow of the lights. The true capacity of the West Lake can't be seen at night, but the scenery has its own flavor. Sometimes the scenery of the daytime is really looking, but there are some “looks of squandering flowers for a fascinating eye”. There are thousands of people in the world and the busy city people can't wait for a day. Or on a holiday reading the world's spring, rewarding Shenzhou mountains and rivers, "give me 80 days, I went to travel the earth."The rush of travel has lost the true meaning of travel, and the mind has not been released during the journey, but the unacceptable scenery of the face can't be used to start or fly.

Have you been to West Lake? --of course! What did you leave for the West Lake? - I took a lot of photos!

But what about Seoul? In the night, many cyclists circled the West Lake in the fresh air of the West Lake. Many old people sat under the benches on the lake to cool off in summer, and I saw a group of shirtless, seemingly national defense students waiting in the whole team and going down the lake. work out.I want to understand the West Lake and comprehend the trip. They must also be more profound.


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