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Some nonsense as a precursor

The current Internet landscape in China has become "BAT".BAT, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent.Each of them has its own merits. Baidu's search, Alibaba's e-commerce service, and Tencent's social networking all represent the highest level in China in their respective fields.As an IT-related person, there will be a certain degree of desire for these companies. Baidu is headquartered in Beijing, and Tencent is headquartered in Shenzhen. The headquarters of Alibaba and some of its parks are located in Hangzhou, where our social practice activities are taking place.Ma Yun, president of Alibaba's godfather, was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and graduated from Hangzhou Normal University. It is not surprising that the headquarters and several parks were established in Hangzhou.I didn't feel bad about the influence of a local character on this place, but I felt it personally this time.The person then highlights the spirit.Alipay swept the country, especially in Hangzhou.When you walk through the large and small restaurants in Hangzhou, you will find out how striking the “Alipay sweep” is in front of the counter, which is probably not what any other city can match.Speaking of this, it is interesting to find that these large bosses have set up headquarters in the city. Li Yanhong is at Peking University, and now Baidu is headquartered in Beijing. Ma Huateng graduated from Shenzhen University, and now Tencent is headquartered in Shenzhen! Dream "hang" line - visit Alibaba Dream "hang" line - visit Alibaba

Visit the 16th floor, you always have a feeling of horse

Before the departure of social practice activities, we had an appointment with a senior brother and sister who worked at Alibaba.In the morning, we visited the ant gold suits, visited Xixi Park at noon, and visited Xixi Park in the afternoon.In the ant gold suits, one of our schoolmates who received us was an elder sister and two seniors who received us in Xixi Park. At the Alibaba building, we entered an access ID in front of a machine similar to a bank teller machine based on an invitation message that Ali had sent to us beforehand. Then the machine spit out several tickets as an access pass. Dream "hang" line - visit Alibaba The purpose of the visit was to spy on the corporate culture of a company while visiting the office furnishings and personnel. During this visit, our activities ranged from the 16th floor of the “Alipay” building. According to Alibaba’s corporate system, only one day a year, employees can visit their office environment with their relatives and friends (it is impossible for us to see the legendary program. Our office environment is a pity for us to visit this time. This day is May 20 - Ali Day is also known as "Friends and Friends Day". In 2005, Alibaba commemorated the Ali people during the "SARS" period in May 2003. Passion and belief.Our sister told us that in 2003, SARS employees and nearly 1,000 family members and friends in Hangzhou started a week-long isolation from May 7. Ali people can complete their work at home.By the end of isolation, nobody noticed any change in Alibaba. Instead, Ali's performance was not frustrated by SARS and broke through the historical highs of the month.At the same time, on this day of the year, Alibaba will have a celebration and a group wedding. The 16th floor of Alipay Building is basically a showroom. On one wall is a giant screen display showing real-time monitoring of Ant Financial Services across the country (from Baidu Encyclopedia: Ant Financial's businesses include Alipay, Alipay Wallet, Yuqian Bao, Zhaocaibao, Ant Small Credit, and NetBank (chips), etc.) This scene is very cool and super-scientific (because it is forbidden to take photos, so no plans).In this screen, the enthusiasm map of the ant gold service in the country is marked in real time. At this time, the national customer's transfer records and other records, the polar guests want to verify that they took out the mobile phone and used Alipay to transfer an account, but Did not find their own account in the column. Alibaba is a group with many businesses. However, several businesses that are closely related to our lives seem to be in ant gold suits. Apart from this, the most popular ones may be Taobao, Tmall, and Ali who are known by IT personnel and webmasters. Clouds.Although Ali has a large scale, it is still expanding its business, and several parks and branch offices in different locations also perform their duties. During the learning period, the school sister also gave me a message that I couldn't find in Baidu.Due to the needs of the business, some of Ali's businesses had to be relocated to a new building. This new building has been completed, but Ma always told people to look at the feng shui. Due to the bad feng shui, the relocation of the work was temporarily suspended; The new building, and the building that has been built, is now a tower.Alas, Hangzhou City is an expensive place. Building a good building is not a waste.I can only say: "To General Ma, you really have "compassion"." Interested in the column on the side of the exhibition hall, the pillars are surrounded by glass. This pillar is called the “handprint wall”.The “handprint wall” wrote a few lines of verses allegedly emphasizing Ali’s hard work and ambitions; hand-sized shields of various colors were embedded, and the shields were filled with palm prints.Ali's employees will leave their own handprints on the “handprint wall”, roughly meaning that they will press their fingerprints, and “letter” is the foundation of Alipay and other companies. Dream "hang" line - visit Alibaba In general, the atmosphere in Alibaba's ant gold suits is elegant.Glass walls, sweeping views of the street, indoor bonsai vines, elegant and clean.However, the 16th floor should only be a simple exhibition hall. No matter how good it is, it is just a visit. The real office environment of the staff is not known to us.If I say more here, I may be writing soft papers for Ali.

Work or study

The reception of our senior brother and sister at Alibaba is a graduate of all ranks.According to their statements, graduate students are more likely to be recruited into Ali, but they are basically of the opinion that it is best to enter Ali during the undergraduate period, because in the enterprise, we often come into contact with real life related things. In fact, graduate studies can learn more theories, but in fact it will take a long time for companies and companies to train you.Some seniors also mentioned that the potential of graduate students is relatively large, but there will be a sense of lag when entering the job. With regard to the recruitment announcements of companies such as Alibaba and others, and my understanding of Internet companies, there are not many companies that have a threshold for the qualifications and qualifications of the candidates.Like Alibaba's recruitment announcements, learning sisters also talked about entering Ali specialty is not a problem, as long as you have a passion for Internet computers.In fact, this is not surprising, because Internet professionals are relatively specialized in aerospace industries that require strong hardware facilities. No company can give you test equipment you can't play, and IT industry is different. Just give you a network and give you a computer. You can learn a lot of things by yourself, and realize many things, which you can testify through the fact that many cyber hackers just graduated from junior high school. There is no high threshold for foreign things to you, you and your achievements, it is precisely your own strength, but also decided that the industry is very cruel.

Alibaba's hierarchy brings inspiration

Ali has a technical post code of "P" and a managerial post of "M".The initial grade of undergraduates entering Alibaba is P4, graduate students are P5. These grades roughly determine your salary and Ali’s ability to identify you.Each year, Ali has a response that will allow employees to show their performance and then score to determine if you can upgrade. According to the description of the school elder sister, I found the following Alibaba ranking table and technology-management mapping relationship from the Internet: Understand the management system of an internet company that you have not yet entered, I think it seems that we do not have a half-dollar relationship with us. .However, in the exchanges with the brothers and sisters, what we have learned is to re-examine their views on job hunting:

1 Find a job that you are competent and happy to work hard, pay well, but less important.

In school, most of our understanding of the ideal work for the future seems very simple, and wages are good.IT is generally considered to be a relatively hard and stressful industry. It is true that there are some social ridicules for programmers, but somehow reflect the reality. We asked brothers and sisters working in Ali that their working hours were not very harsh. They had to go to work and they had to go off work.Overtime is not always the boss pressing you, but you are willing or under pressure.It may be that you are in principle due to being late for work or leave early, and no one will be responsible for or punish you for your salary. However, one prerequisite is that you must complete the tasks assigned to you by the team.The team's “punishment” for people who are late and leave early is also symbolic. Every time they meet, they pay for food. A sister and sister told us that although the company gives off work time is 9 o'clock in the evening, but after returning to her home, in order to complete the assignment, she often goes to bed after 11 o'clock. A senior student said that Ali did not agree to overtime when he completed routine tasks. They even thought that the reason for frequent overtime was that you were not able to do enough.Of course, if there are project items that are particularly important in the interim, they need to work overtime to complete the exceptions. Ali has a performance presentation defense each year and will decide whether or not to promote you based on your rating score.If you score worse in consecutive years, Alibaba may not fire you because the company has to pay you some compensation. However, such people tend to resign on their own initiative, because such work may be his incompetence. , staying in the company will only increase the pain, pressure from the blow and self-confidence, he must find a new company to find a competent and happy to dedicate hard work, pay generous but important degree of work.

2 Your first job is very important

The colleague Yao told us that if you can handle the first job, if you can dedicate it happily and decide on the mentality of your working career in the future, if you have confidence in your first job, your future work will be smooth and easy. Maybe "break the jar and break it."

3 procedures and technology transfer management is very important

It's impossible for a program to do a lifetime of technology. If you want to keep going in IT, transformation management is the key.Ali Technology's P6 and P7 respectively correspond to the M1 and M2 of the management, and the two are equivalently converted. When your technology reaches P6 or above, you are free to choose whether or not to perform management transformation.

Make arrangements for graduate students to accomplish the tasks of juniors, seniors, and seniors

I was deeply impressed by a passage made by a student sister: At university, we often struggled to do many things. Many things are related to one another. It is better to use the tangled time to do both. Only in the process can we do more. A good understanding of the nature of each.Also, many people feel that they have a big gap with others during the undergraduate period. They want to make up for the difference by going to graduate school. However, in fact, you can work hard to improve your ability to catch up with others when you are preparing for an entrance examination. Time can do a lot of things.If there is no clear tendency to direct employment or postgraduate study after graduation, the advice of the principals is to choose employment. First, the speed of learning in the company is much faster than in the school, and it is easier to come into contact with real life problems. It is also easier to improve. my ability.


1 It is important that the junior high school students practice in the summer.Ali's summer internship (about 5,000 salary for internships) is actually to adapt to Ali's new employee Ali's training.During the first three months of entering Ali, the company will train you in some forms of teaching.If you can complete these trainings during your summer internship, there is no doubt that you have mastered some of the opportunities.This certainly does not only apply to Alibaba. 2 Brothers and sisters in Ali (of course, not only limited to Ali) helped us to accumulate some resources. The internalization not only provided us with convenience, but also accumulated the popularity for them and took advantage of these resources. Reference article: http://qiezhijia.wang/shu_qi_shi_jian_zhi_a_li_zhi_xing/


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