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What is the meaning of often wanting to go to college? In a bland university life, I feel like I am still as boring as a high school student. Classrooms, dormitories, canteens, and life are more or less repeated between these three points.Without the heavy learning pressure of high school, it will take a long time. Sometimes I really forget what I am doing.In my two-year period, I was so obsessed that I had never imagined that I had done a lot of things that I was interested in. Research techniques helped me gain confidence and enrichment. Writing a blog made my heart more clear.But I know that this is far from enough. In the past two years, my life is still not very purposeful. Sometimes I don’t use websites and codes to learn something, but rather a kind of sustenance of the soul and a kind of relaxation when I’m bored. This may be of interest, but it is not very efficient to improve yourself. The boring and tense life is too long. Sometimes it is necessary to give one's heart a vacation. One kind of environment is prone to indolence. Sometimes it is necessary to change the environment to look at oneself. When you are in school for a long time, it is easy to narrow, sometimes you need to know about this society. What exactly is needed. In the first two months after the end of the second semester of the sophomore year, the classmates found me: "Is there any social practice in this summer vacation?".I didn’t hesitate to promise that I did not find an internship (I’m not brave enough) and I didn’t want to go home to be too boring. I went to the "survival experience" project. This project was mentioned in a class of counselors: Choose a strange city where all members of the practice team haven't been to, and pay 10 yuan a day to try to make a living.During this period, you will definitely need to find things for yourself. You can train your ability to adapt to a job and find a job in the city. During this period, you will be reimbursed for the accommodation and bus fares in the city.This sounds undoubtedly very exciting, like a program like "exchange space" on TV. In the school's social practice guidance document, it was formally issued. There was no "survival experience" in previous years. Several teammates who went away from the project felt strongly frustrated and once tried to compromise to other topics: for example, support and education. Business visits.After “a few twists and turns”, we found such a project in the document issued by the school: “Exploring the viability of college students”, and then the meaning of the school was more to allow me to investigate and investigate.Fortunately, the school's social practice project is like a writing essay: for each topic, how it is implemented and how it is implemented depends on its own planning.Thus, the idea of ​​“drilling on loopholes in the system” has emerged. We can use our own reality to practice the “survival ability of college students”—that is, “survival experience”, supplemented by corporate surveys and questionnaire surveys. This is undoubtedly a new idea.  

First, starting

We finally set up the "Hangzhou" for the unfamiliar city that everyone had never been to. Let dreams go to "hang" line - starting In the process of completing the planning, we contacted Alibaba and put Alibaba as the first station of social practice.Alibaba is one of China's three BAT giants. It is undoubtedly a place where countless IT companies have been very attractive. Before they traveled, they looked forward to visiting Ali and consulting their brother and sister who was in Alibaba for employment. About a week before we set off, we received a welcome message from Alibaba’s Ant Financial Service and Xixi Campus:  

[Ants gold clothes] pro, hello!You will visit Ant Financial Services Group (Block No. B, Huanglong Times Square) on 2015-07-17. Visit ID is 382***. Username and password of alibaba-guest is 1882923****. Please arrange. Good time.I wish you a pleasant visit! Visitors see details http://tao.bb/3JkQ7

【Alibaba】Pro, hello!You are welcome to visit Alibaba Brazil Creek Park on 2015-07-16. Your visit ID is 373***. The user name and password of the alibaba-guest network is 1882923****. Please take care when you enter the park. Show, wish you a pleasant visit!

  With a vision of Hangzhou, which has been known as "Heaven on Heaven and Hangzhou and Hangzhou under it," and is full of anticipation of Alibaba's visit, we carry our dreams and shoulders, starting from Xi'an and sitting for 21 hours. Train, let the dream go "hang" line.


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