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Android developers using android studio may find it is similar to eclipse + ADT, personal android studio after found that android studio in addition to the interface is more cool outside, there is not much advantage. And the majority of users criticized the memory usage is also a big problem There is no solution: I found that android studio is more memory than eclipse when developing Android. However, android studio in the file - new menu, you can quickly create a new Activity function is quite practical, as shown in Figure: android studio's new activity function do not have to let us very troublesome to build a java class and then inherit the Activity, Activity Several necessary methods are automatically declared for us. In fact, eclipse also has this feature:

Eclipse Android use activity template to quickly create a new activity

Eclipse new menu inside actually has a quick new Activity function, but not on the eye-catching position: rapid new activity several methods: 1 respectively open the menu FILE - NEW - other - Android - Activity; 2Ctrl + N- - Android - Activity; can also use the new activity method can quickly create new Android image resource file


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