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"Bao Jianfeng is smashed out from the ground," and the artifacts of the sword began with a thousand tricks.After the baptism of the fire and the repeated forging of the air hammer, as a result of repeated repetitions, the work piece was given a tough heart and it really became the reinforced steel frame that propped up the bridge.I think this is the core essence of "forging."

Metalworking experience: forging

 However, “forging” is not what we see as blacksmiths in the film and television dramas.Oxidation, overheating, overheating, and internal cracks are hidden dangers inside the workpiece.To forge must obtain its law. Only by mastering the correct method can forging be able to play its true role.Like people, forging in learning, sharpening in society.People are like forging, and they must be tempered and have to have a standard. It is a combination of work and rest.Otherwise, there will be "overheating", "overheating", and even "internal cracks" hidden in the depths of the heart. In more severe social practice, the "sword" will not be "dead" without a war.


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