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The writer has noticed that his website ranking seems to be coming back these days, so he made a special trip to Baidu’s official webmaster platform to find out what he got and share the news with you:

From Baidu Webmaster Platform Official Forum

On the New Year's Day, there are many children's shoes in the fierce discussion of cc and cn domain names being k things, so open this post to focus on feedback processing, the platform is expected to announce today, do not worry first.If you have relevant information, you can concentrate on this post and discuss. We do not want to open up new posts in the community. In addition to this problem in the community, other children's shoes cannot be ignored.

Official reply (man_hok amendment) During the New Year's Day there was anomalous site traffic fluctuations, the platform was still tracking down this matter, and later, please pay attention to the platform announcement and found that there are some children's shoes to take this opportunity to publicize and promote the relevant information without official confirmation, and then took the opportunity to promote Its own related platforms and exchanges have just communicated with Baidu Management. The information of the ranking recovery has been summarized as follows: Due to related system failures during the website search New Year's Day, the ranking of some websites in Baidu search results has been affected and related fluctuations have occurred. It is expected that the repairs will be completed later today. Please pay close attention to the platform information and do not disseminate and speculate on related information.Baidu does not discriminate against .cn and .cc domain names. Please do not listen to rumors from this site. Please pay attention to the situation of your site and do not forward unconfirmed information everywhere. . .

The current feedback posts are as follows:


Baidu's official news has not yet come out. Let's wait and see.According to the news that this should be an insider, the reason why the cn site is K should be Baidu, we don't have to worry.For the civil speculation of this accident, you can refer to: 2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary 


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