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We all know that the role of the domain name is to simplify the access address, let you access a website or FTP, enter a meaningful English letter or even Chinese characters instead of an irregular IP address.It is common to establish FTP of shared resources on the LAN, but everyone will find that telling someone a piece of IP to tell others about your FTP address is a very "tasteless" thing.So the solution to the difficulty of remembering the IP address is to resolve the domain name to your IP.When we enter the domain name in the browser, the computer will usually request the IP address corresponding to the domain name from the local DNS server.If you ask the local DNS (such as the school) to add your IP and domain name for you in its DNS database record, this is almost impossible. One day, the author whimpered:  

Can you apply for a free top-level domain to resolve to your IP?

The reason why it is "wonderful" is because I don't think anybody will resolve the domain name to the local area network. Perhaps the domain name analyst will not support it.   But as a result, I was surprised that the author succeeded in adding a “ftp” A record to my LAN IP: 10.22.56.* in my “DNSpod” domain name management; after that, I successfully accessed it in the Resource Manager. My FTP server:

Free domain name can also be used like this: Provides domain name resolution for LAN FTP service

The reason why free domain names are used is because FTP services on the LAN do not need to be published on the entire Internet. Using free domain names is just right.Baidu is very unfriendly to the TK domain name (in fact, it does not include the TK domain name website). Using a free domain name to resolve the LAN IP is also a good method.Of course, using a toll domain name is too wasteful.

The disadvantage of providing domain name resolution for LAN FTP services is that accessing this domain name outside your LAN is definitely not your computer, and that you need to connect to the Internet to obtain the IP address of the domain name from the DNS server.


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