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 Transferred from "Wuxi Metropolis Daily", 2010.4.1


I woke up. Not being awakened by the alarm clock, nor being awakened by the phone, it was the sun, the light hitting my face, woke me out of my dreams.The curtains sensed the change in temperature, humidity and light in the morning a few minutes ago and slowly pulled it open. I rolled over and slammed the button on the bedside, and one-third of the opposite wall was activated as a display.Waiting for me to get dressed, it has automatically adjusted to the "TV" mode and started playing "Dearing the World." Today, the wife is not at home and wants to make breakfast for herself.I clicked on the "pause" on the display and walked into the kitchen.Standing in front of the refrigerator door, the display automatically gives out a “nutrition menu” based on the inventory in the refrigerator: a vegetable salad, a ham omelet, and a glass of pure juice. I changed the salad into "Vegetable salad (a small amount of salad)", and then clicked "OK", the refrigerator reminded me "goodwill": the stock is not much, it is best to go to the supermarket today to purchase it, at the same time, it is also connected to a few The supermarket's website found a few things I like to eat. To prevent me from forgetting, it has a smiley face on the display: "Please note downloading." Look at me, I remember so bad?But remember it.I took out my mobile phone and brushed it in front of the display. The "drip" was heard and the download was successful. When I and the refrigerator "negotiated" breakfast, the kitchen had received information from the refrigerator and started working.The induction cooker has been warmed up, and the background music of the kitchen has also sounded my favorite song. The phone rang when it was frying eggs.I tapped the kitchen wall with my elbow, and a square box was activated where my wife's smile appeared.Of course, the camera at the top of my head also conveyed the past as I was doing breakfast, and it was mocked by my wife. [Switch] from the future of the Internet of Things application experience - furniture articles


After breakfast, I went to work.In this era, this is the most popular way to travel. Walking on the road, I suddenly heard a feminine voice: "Is Mr. Liu?"I saw it. The sound came from a big billboard on the roadside lawn. In a big motion picture on the billboard, a beautiful girl in uniform was looking at me.Oh, it turned out to be an electronic chip that sensed my personal identity. It was definitely money coming... "I am."I nodded. "Hello, I'm the 20933th waiter of the general banking system.Your Utilities and Internet usage fees will be deducted from the date of this month. According to the agreement, we will deduct the amount for you. The specific amount has been sent to your mobile phone. Please reply after confirmation.If there is no other problem, we will see you again.The waiter smiled and waved goodbye to me. I took out my mobile phone, checked the message, clicked on “confirmed payment”, and through an invisible network, the bank took the appropriate amount from my account.Oh, by the way, in this era, advertising has truly achieved "personalization." No matter where you go, what's on the billboard is for you. At the unit, Xiao Wang from the same office showed me a gadget he had just bought. It turned out to be a three-dimensional GPS.It not only can use stereoscopic directions, but also can play stereoscopic movies, link to wireless networks to download materials, and share videos with others. Xiao Wang said that next time he goes out to travel, he must bring it. This road will not be lost. Not afraid of loneliness! Just after a while, my mobile phone suddenly issued a "beep beep" continuous tone - is an alarm!Who is coming to my house?I quickly transferred the phone to "monitoring" mode, and the family's situation suddenly appeared at a glance: Yard?nobody.kitchen?nobody.room?nor!living room?Hey, what's in the living room?It was originally a small cat of a neighbor's house. I didn't know where it came from. My innocence began to open, and I turned on the "talking" function in my cell phone, docked my mobile phone and my home call equipment, and shouted: "Wang Wang!In the video, the kitten was scared to climb out of the house.Then I checked the house again and found that when I was walking today, there was a window upstairs that wasn't closed, so I reset it in my cell phone and locked all the doors and windows. Then I contacted the internet company and they said that the alert software has been updated with the latest version and can identify the "invaders". If it is a "non-hazardous" animal such as a small animal, the siren in the house will be automatically Alarms were issued to scare them away, and if necessary, lights, smoke, and other "special measures" were used.They said that as long as I set up the alert software in the "automatic update" state, they will upgrade my "smart home" as soon as possible.


After a day of work, I can finally go home. Walking on the road, the phone rang again.Took a look and reminded me to buy food - oh, I almost forgot, the inventory of the refrigerator! Turning into a supermarket, there are dynamic information windows everywhere. There are scrolling texts on the walls, floors, ceilings, and even some small items. In addition to the prices on the outer packaging of beverage cans, there are also scrolling videos. He is holding a drink high and sips happily one by one - not sure if they swallow it.The whole supermarket is like a big computer screen, showing a gorgeous variety.Now shopping can be convenient, as long as the use of mobile phones to "take care of" according to buy things, list of items and prices exist in the phone, as long as the cash register on the "brush", you can check out. According to the mobile phone's instructions, I bought some organic corn and tomato, a few fish, and also downloaded several recipes at the vegetable counter.There were not many people in the checkout room. I took out my mobile phone and drew it in front of the cash register. The “drip” was heard and the supermarket had deducted the corresponding amount of food from my account. On the way home, I took out my mobile phone and ordered several movies on the Internet. I requested that it be sent directly to my TV network hard drive. As for the charge, it was also paid remotely through the mobile phone. Not far away from home, I started the "Welcome" mode at home and the lamp in the living room lit up. After the day's window was opened, the humidity of the air was re-adjusted. Now, it is my most comfortable time. With the help of the smart kitchen, I enjoyed a simple but delicious dinner.The rest of the work went to the automatic dishwasher. I walked to the living room and triggered the display on the TV. It was already displayed.Sitting on a transparent sofa, it feels like it's stuck in a piece of soft mud. The cushions and backs of the sofa can automatically adapt to the shape of the human body, giving the person sitting on it a mold that fits perfectly with the body's surface, minimizing pressure.When the latest sofa came out, his wife refused to buy too expensive, hey, now lying more comfortable! The backrest of the sofa slowly massaged my back, and then I received a message underneath the TV screen. I said that because my cervical spine seemed to be a little stiff, I suggested that I exercise more and see the doctor when appropriate.Tired, don't exercise today. Get a good night's sleep. The water in the bathtub had been placed according to my prior instructions, and the temperature had been set according to my habit. After the shower, the luminous clock on the wall had already pointed to eleven. The curtains slowly pulled behind me.It has already sensed the smooth and even breathing of my dreams.


Transferred from "Wuxi Metropolis Daily", 2010.4.1. If you feel that this article is useful to you, you can click on "Sponsored Author" below the article to reward the author!

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