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Why do a person want to do a project?Because through a project you can call a lot of class libraries, you can call a lot of your basic knowledge to run through the knowledge architecture.Like a national project, people only see the glorious image of its success, but they do not know that the entire industry chain and technology chain is behind it.

Why do a team want to do a project?A successful project is to mobilize the talent of all members.A failed project planning is no more than a single person's solitary struggle.But one cannot complete a large project.Is the so-called "single line of fast, the public far."


Recently found that the essence of the Internet is in the blog, some cattle people sent their blog to the original thinking of life learning and a thorough analysis.Then a group of people took their words, then copied and pasted, ran to the forum, went to post it, went to Baidu experience, went to the QQ group, copy and paste, installed force, installed God.Obviously I belong to the latter.


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