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Due to the widespread use of several traditional big-name domain names such as .com, .cn, and .net, the increase in usage is also the length of the domain name that can be applied for longer. ICANN will allow eligible agencies to apply for additional suffixes each year. Domain names, for example, we can see new domain names such as (.China) country domain names, and various word (.wang) suffixes. Recently, Wang Baiyuan’s blog has discovered a new open registered domain name, Science (Science, Technology), which is believed to be attractive to some science-loving webmasters. Moreover, the discount codes currently available to the author through the official website. Freely apply for a one-year .Scientific domain name.Since the number of applications for new domain names is still relatively small, everyone can easily apply for their favorite domain names. The specific application steps are as follows:

How to apply for a free. Science domain name

Official website address: http://register.science In the "yourwebsite" text box, enter the domain name you want to apply for, such as "baiyuan" If you do not have a registered website account, please register first, then use a discount code to register for a free domain soon. Can be registered successfully, the use of one year, one year after the resumption of the price of GBP 17.7 yuan (in sterling), you may wish to use this domain as a backup debug domain name.

Domain management

After registration, the webpage will enter the domain management panel: Click on "manage DNS" to enter the DNS management page. This will enter the domain name resolution record add page: How to apply for a free. Science domain name

Use third-party domain management such as DNSPOD

How to apply for a free. Science domain name Click on "name servers" to change name servers to third-party domain servers. DNSPOD is recommended here.


DNSPOD's DNS server address: Name Server 1 :f1g1ns1.dnspod.net. Name Server 2 :f1g1ns2.dnspod.net.


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