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The polar guests recently created their own WeChat public account for Wang Boyuan’s blog. This public number aims to simplify all operations on the mobile terminal user’s mobile phone and concentrate on a WeChat public account, eliminating the need for excessive user installation. Mobile APP, such as weather inquiries, query words, encyclopedias, image search, train airline ticket inquiries, where the very guests will not go into details, and interested friends can visit: http://weixin.wangbaiyuan.cn scan code look at me The public number - "geek center"; Although WeChat has been focusing on mobile terminals (such as computer login must be mobile phone scan code, mobile terminal login must be SMS verification, can see Tencent's positioning of WeChat terminal is On the mobile terminal, but Tencent can not provide a platform for the public number manager to manage the public number on the mobile phone.It's a bit tricky to visit a computer web page in a mobile browser and then manage graphic messages and send and receive fan messages on web pages. I believe many public number managers have the same distress as me. Here, I will introduce how to manage, send and receive public number messages on mobile phones:

Mobile phone management public number, send and receive private messages

Although WeChat does not provide users with a good mobile-end management environment, the third-party WeChat management platform has long been unable to survive.So no official, we may wish to use third-party platform management.Here is a mobile phone management public number APP: public platform assistant.Everyone can search for downloads at major mobile stores. This app is developed by a third party. Although it has a security certificate, it is not Tencent's pro-son. There is no backdoor that is unknown. Everyone may think about it. This is the message list: This is the user management: How to manage and send/receive public number messages on the mobile phone Of course, you can also modify notes and send messages. The extremely guests here do not repeat it, and everyone knows it; However, the public platform assistant does not provide mass graphic functions, so the next experience is to solve this problem.

WeChat pays attention to “Public Security Assistant”, and the mobile phone sends public number messages anytime and anywhere

No matter how you pay attention to the public number, I don’t need to say more. The public number security assistant is the official number of the WeChat official. It is also safe to use. You need to bind the administrator's micro signal to your own public number, and then this administrator gives the micro signal to All messages of "Public Security Assistant" will be easily distributed to subscribers. How to manage, send and receive public number messages in mobile phones For more IT experience, public number operating experience, please visit: http://weixin. Wangbaiyuan.cn scan code look at my public number - "geek center."


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