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Users who use wordpress may find that the wordpress article editor is very similar to Microsoft's office word, but wordpress' own article editor function is relatively single, and some advanced plug-ins must be installed for advanced editing.In fact, many users may not know that office word2007 and its later versions provide the ability to publish articles to blogs.Thanks to the powerful editing capabilities of the word, I believe that using blog to publish blogs is a very practical experience.

Open the word "file" - "New" tab, create a new "blog article"

Using Word You can edit your articles offline without a web site. There is no need to log into your website every time you publish your articles.

How to publish articles to your blog using office word

How to publish articles to your blog using office word

Click on the "Publish Articles" menu under the "Blog Articles" tab to publish your articles

Another advantage of using a word to edit a blog post is that you can also locally save a copy of the article in a word document to prevent the occurrence of an article loss incident due to server problems.

Add categories to articles

Click the "Insert Category" menu under the "Blog Articles" tab to select the category of the article


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