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In the past, it may be possible to use 6kuaibo to achieve free Internet access without campus network certification, but later did not know why 6kuaibo died inexplicably.I recently discovered an IPV6 free internet method that I share with you again.

If an IPv6 network user needs to access IPv4 network resources, it usually needs to use third-party software to implement it. Now everyone can directly use NAT64/DNS64-enabled servers to implement NAT between IPv6 and IPv4, thus implementing IPv6 networks. Access IPv4 resources.

 Free Internet access through IPV6 access to IPV4 resources

Currently users of Windows Vista and Win 7 operating systems, if they support IPv6 network, click on the network icon in the lower right corner to enter the network sharing center, and then open the properties of the "local connection" network card and double-click "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" , and then manually set the DNS server address to 2001:778::37, and also cancel the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” check, that is, do not use the IPv4 network protocol, and only use the pure IPv6 protocol. Can access IPv4 network resources. If you check the IPV4 does not carry out campus network authentication, the author found that it is also possible to access the Internet, but the response speed to enter the web page is relatively slow. You can also insert ".sixxs.org" just after the URL you want to access if you just plug in the Internet connection. For example, if you want to access Baidu ("http://www.baidu.com"), you can Enter “http://www.baidu.com.sixxs.org” in the browser address box, but this method is much slower than the above method; the above two methods do not support networking of QQ software. , so the utility is not too strong (these two also have a role in hiding the real IP address), only for communication here.At the same time, with the help of this blog, it also revealed to everyone: IPV6 is directly accessible to Google and does not require any settings.  

Of course, the premise of all this is that you support IPV6 network access


The author finds a convenient method for everyone by learning the help information in the command line:  

Please copy the above code into the "Run as administrator" command indicator to run, you can set the IPV6 DNS address for the above-mentioned IP



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