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Transfers from Zhongguancun Online Author: Zhang Jinliang | Editor: Weijing Fang

    According to foreign media reports, at the recent Dart Developer Summit, Google officially displayed Android's latest development language, Sky.It is reported that Sky is essentially Google's own web development language Dart. Google pushes the new Android development language Sky (picture from baidu) Google said that Sky is only an open source trial.However, compared to the traditional Android application development method, Sky has many advantages.The main purpose of Sky is to increase the speed and response speed.On most devices, the application of smooth standards is to achieve 60FPS frame rate.However, the Dart team wants to achieve a frame rate of up to 120 FPS.Currently on the Android platform, many applications can hardly achieve the standard 60 FPS frame rate, let alone 120 FPS. The Dart team demonstrated a demo application that draws only 1.2 milliseconds per frame.Although this is just a simple demonstration, it means that Sky has a lot of space for developing smooth and complex applications, which also makes the frame rate of 120FPS possible.The team stated that Sky's application program interface (API) does not affect the main thread of the interface, which means that even if the application runs slower, the user interface will maintain a smooth response. Sky does not rely on the platform. Its code can run on Android, iOS, and any platform that integrates the Dart virtual machine.This kind of application runs like a website.A large part of the application is based on HTTP, which means that developers can carry out continuous development and ensure that all users have always used the latest version.The weakness of this demo application is that it cannot be run offline, and it takes 1 to 2 seconds to launch the application because the application needs to download data.However, these two problems can be solved by the caching mechanism. The HTTP-based model makes development easy.Developers do not have to edit code, compile and pack, and these codes can be edited on the HTTP server.The user simply closes and re-opens the application to complete the "upgrade" of the application.This is like a web browser.Android developers can use the Sky Framework, which provides a complete set of Material Design gadgets to help developers easily add operations bar, touch effects, navigation panels, and everything needed for Android applications. Similar to normal applications, the Sky application can obtain all of Android's permissions and APIs, but in combination with the automatic upgrade function from the web server, this will bring about information security problems.But at the moment, Sky is just a pilot project.Before Sky became a mainstream Android application solution, the Sky team needed to address these issues.The team’s GitHub page shows: “We are still frequently iterating on Sky, which means that the framework and the underlying engine may change in an incompatible way.

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