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For the majority of webmasters, the article was first included in Baidu, or its original article was recognized by Baidu as original for the first time.More than one article was reprinted, but because other people's websites are heavier than themselves, Baidu's speed or Baidu search's title is not as good as the reprinted website. This is a very distressing thing.

Baidu webmaster platform message:

On May 25, Baidu Webmaster Tools released the news:

The sitemap real-time push function began to go offline gradually in June. We launched a more powerful link to submit active push functionality as an alternative.The new active push feature is even more powerful: the data submission method is simpler, and the return code is more clear (you can immediately know if the data submission is successful), and you can push new data to Baidu in real time.

Related information can be found at: http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/college/articleinfo?id=336 Sitemap is used by a wide range of websites. Search engines can find new links to websites by crawling website maps and visit them regularly.However, the crawling frequency of search engines is limited and regular, and their original articles cannot be discovered by Baidu for the first time. The following is a summary of the way that Baidu officially gives three kinds of submission links:

  • Active Push: Baidu recommended the fastest way to submit, it is recommended that the new link on the site the same day immediately pushed to Baidu for quickest inclusion.
  • Sitemap: Baidu periodically checks your sitemap for submissions, handles links, and logs slower than active push.
  • Manual submission: Manually submit the link to Baidu.

Manual submission here is different from "link submission"

The manual submission here refers to the quick submission method provided by the Baidu webmaster verification site, which supports batch multi-link submission; whereas the usual “link submission” does not require your website to be “Baidu webmaster platform verification site”, and submits comparisons. random. Submit Link to Baidu Submit Manually Real-time submission The new "real-time active push" launched by the Baidu webmaster platform assigns a token admission key to the verification site's webmaster. Generally speaking, only the webmaster or the webmaster who knows the key can authorize the submission. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when submitting. Extreme guests recommend that you use it to submit articles with higher quality, do not submit spam links, and you need to remind everyone that : Currently, URLs submitted in this way are limited. For example, Wang Baiyuan’s blog can only submit 50 articles every day using active and active submission methods. A large number of automatic submission of junk articles may result in the loss of submission rights!

Free plug-in Baidu link submission - real-time active push

Through the PHP push sample provided by Baidu official, the extremely guests created a PHP code program that pushes wordpress blogs in real time. Add the following code to the last line of the functions.php in the theme folder before the "?>" geek, this code will Each time the article is published, the link of the new article is actively pushed to Baidu in real time, and the log file “by_baiduSubmit.txt” is generated in the same directory as the file where the code is located.You can check the log file to see if the push was successful.If this program has errors or fails to submit new links to Baidu in real time, please feel free to feedback on this page.



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