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Wang Baiyuan’s blog recommends some well-known IT blogs at home and abroad in this article. It provides an international perspective for everyone to learn IT. It can also refer foreign IT articles to translate it into China, and at the same time learn the latest foreign IT knowledge. Keep pace with the times in the IT industry.

Domestic articles

1,36氪 (www.36kr.com): Currently the most popular technology blog in China, with a blog website that focuses on domestic and international internet business news, has established 36Tree Internet venture capital investment community.The 36-inch name is derived from element 36 of the Periodic Table of Elements, chemical symbol Kr.The legendary comet is the home of Superman.In addition to providing news reports for entrepreneurs free of charge, the 36-day Open Day they sponsored provides a very good platform for the launch of early-stage Internet start-up companies and is held every month in major cities across the country. 2. Tech2IPO (www.tech2ipo.com): tech2ipo is itself positioned as “Technology Innovation and Startup Media”. Tech2IPO is the abbreviation of Technology to IPO. It aims to report on early-stage entrepreneurial companies, find innovative entrepreneurial enterprises, and pay attention to startup companies and entrepreneurship. While providing information and entrepreneurial experience, it also provides entrepreneurs with a one-stop service to find people, find money, and find propaganda. 3, the Internet thing (www.alibuybuy.com): focus on the Internet cutting-edge information, network content, exchange product experience!This is the theme of the internet website. The positioning is still relatively wide. Unlike the first two positions in the news reports of start-up companies and the Internet, it focuses on the IT industry, the news of the Internet industry, and the focus on Internet products. Design, user experience, marketing, patterns, and other more practical things, so that Internet professionals can find what they want here. 4. Sharing Web 2.0 (www.showeb20.com): Concerned about the most early Web2.0 temperament of early entrepreneurial projects, is also concerned about the entrepreneurial project science and technology blog, but focused on sharing Web 2.0 blog project, basically have Web2 .0 temperament, that is more emphasis on user-created value.But the entire blog site is slightly thinner than the previous ones. 5, i dark horse (www.iheima.com): February 6, 2012 on the line just launched a website platform, he was born with a background of "Entrepreneur" magazine, but also has a solid strength of the dark horse fund as a background, from the project Found that the project innovation, project reports, project diagnosis, experience sharing are all available, and finally and most direct, he can finance the right team, including a black key born i black horse destined to become a dark horse of science and technology blogosphere, He doesn't need to be acquired. He just needs to look for other people to buy. 6. cn.technode.com: It mainly reports on the latest technology news in China and Asia, and the development of startup companies, investment trends and industry trends. Simultaneously, technology is also very concerned and aims to lead cutting-edge technologies and business models. Such as social media, mobile Internet, e-commerce and augmented reality, mobile technology is not only a report, but also a very real platform for recruiting people. Sharing platforms and various conferences held from time to time are not entrepreneurial enterprises. More on-site communication platform. 7, business does not fly (www.bukop.com): Although the name is not reliable, but the content is more reliable, and all the innovative applications it reports, are specifically assigned to each category of application scenarios Going from government applications to environmental applications, to the retail industry, they can be categorized at a glance. Business does not depend on other technology blogs that focus on entrepreneurship. They pay more attention to entrepreneurial ideas. Each report is an idea, and for startups Management, product design, etc. rarely care about, it is very helpful for finding ideas. 8, technology mother (www.techwom.com): This name has more characteristics, aunt mother: daughter-in-law, human goddess, technology mother-in-law, refers to the goddess of gestation technology.Technology and Aunt Mother are mainly concerned with the mobile Internet. From the content, mode, and operation of mobile Internet to product development and management, everything is available. Children's shoes that focus on the mobile Internet can be seen. 9, Lei Feng network (leiphone.com): Established by a group of believers in the mobile Internet, they have investors, observers, product managers, experienced players, as well as entrepreneurs.We will objectively and keenly record the mobile Internet every day.His "topic" column is quite worthy of a look and he has used quite a lot of thought. 10, love Fan Er (www.ifanr.com): Ai Fan children created earlier, in October 2008 on the line, and took the Sohu outstanding independent blog award in 2009, currently concerned about the mobile Internet, focused on the entrepreneurial team, the most The smart handheld and the coolest Internet applications have a deep understanding of the industry's ecosystem, smart products and mobile applications.One of the more distinctive sections is “On the Scene”, which covers various conferences and events on the spot. 11. Moonlight Blog (www.williamlong.info): Moonlight is a typical technology blog that must not be missed. Personally building a blog is a model for making money. It is a personal IT that focuses on computer technology and Internet technology. Comment blog, an original IT review blog focused on the internet and search engine industry. 12. Sharing Network (shareweb.me): Another tech blog that focuses on Internet entrepreneurship.Concerned about the best, the best, the best, the best, the latest site and free information!The biggest feature is that they only report applications and products. Each article only introduces one website product. It is also a good place to intercept creativity and industry trends. 13. Web site analysis in China (www.chinawebanalytics.cn): The focus is very specific and specific. It is a tech blog focused on website analysis. The experience, tools, methods, and training of website analysis are all available. You want to understand For website analysis, you can go to their blog. 14. Tianya Haige (Web20share.com): It is a blog that focuses on innovative internet and mobile internet startups at home and abroad.Committed to providing a platform for displaying excellent internet and mobile internet startups.In terms of reporting new new applications, the only fly in the ointment is to focus on 2.0, but their own blog site design is not that 2.0. 15, niche software (www.appinn.com): Focus on the sharing of free, compact, practical, interesting, green software, a very practical site, for everyone to find affordable, do not engage in entrepreneurship so heavy, do not use innovation So hard, is to find a good software, we just use it directly. 16, make good use of good soft (xbeta.info): Good use of good soft = (goodwill + good) application of excellent software.The goal is to share the experience of “replace piracy and increase efficiency”. The entire blog page does not look like a blog website, but is more like a dictionary website. The reading experience is not very good, but the classification is really fine and it can quickly find what you want. software. 17. Mobile 2.0 (www.mobile20.com.cn): Founded in June 2008, it is a group of domestic technology blogs focusing on mobile internet.From the beginning of the establishment of the Mobile Web 2.0 as the center gradually shifted to a more comprehensive Mobile 2.0 field.Themes of mobile apps are all involved. 18, Software Street (www.softjie.cn): Software Street - the latest and most complete software information sharing platform.Focus on releasing the latest version of the software update information every day, as well as new software products, sharing, recommending excellent software, commonly used software. 19. Gu'ao (www.guao.hk): Gu'ao is a news website that covers Google and its related products, provides Google product skills, and Google's peripheral news. 90% of the content on the website is compiled by Google. 20. Black Tomato (www.blacktomato.cn): Black Tomato focuses on the cutting-edge information of the mobile Internet industry. It is a vane for the development of the Internet industry. It is a harbor for entrepreneurs to find inspiration. It is a stage for grassroots entrepreneurs to showcase their entrepreneurial achievements. It is an investor. Finding a platform for entrepreneurial projects. 21. Synchronous Control (www.syncoo.com): Synchronous Control is a topical website that focuses on Sync technology. The focus areas include: PC-side synchronous mobile devices, local synchronous network, multi-system synchronization, multi-user collaboration, mobile office , social network synchronization, etc. 22, I love boiled fish (fairyfish.net): I love boiled fish is an IT blog that pays attention to WordPress open source blog platform application and Internet. 23, IT life note network (www.55ln.com): IT life note network is mainly committed to sharing Internet-related technologies, mainly related to website construction, website promotion, network marketing and network security related content.

Foreign articles

1. TechCrunch http://www.techcrunch.com/ is sponsored by the famous Michael Arrington and focuses on high technology, especially startups in the Web 2.0 space.TechCrunch is essentially a website for startup companies.Some commentators believe that Arlington's article could have accomplished a business or destroyed a company.On the other hand, Arlington has also been selling TechCrunch to big companies. There have been rumors that AOL and MySpace want to acquire the blog and the market's valuation of the blog also reached tens of millions of dollars.From the perspective of blogging value, TechCrunch has become a model for independent blogs, and its well-known contributors include Erick Schonfeld and others. 2. Read Write Web http://www.readwriteweb.com/ Hosted by another well-known technology blogger, Richard MacManus.The blog usually publishes in-depth analysis articles, but fewer news articles.The scope of the article includes Internet technologies, products, trends, and company dynamics.Compared to other U.S. science and technology blogs, the blog has recently paid more attention to the Chinese Internet.For example, the blog had earlier proposed possible conflicts between the Chinese SNS website, such as on-campus, domestic and happy, and Facebook. 3, Silicon Alley Insider http://www.alleyinsider.com/ Relative to TechCrunch and Read Write Web, Silicon AlleyInsider's founding time was later, in July 2007 on-line.However, since the so-called "Inner Silicon Valley", the blog must have its own unique, that is, insider and exclusive news.The news on the blog site was obviously more than similar blogs. In the series of major events such as Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo’s storm, there were “unpredictable” performances.The blog was founded by Kevin Ryan, Dwight Merriman and Henry Blodget. 4. O’Reilly Radar http://radar.oreilly.com/ Sponsored by Tim O’Reilly, Father of Web 2.0.O'Reilly himself is currently the chief executive officer of O’Reilly Media, and he has made every effort to promote the development of open source technologies in recent years.The blog article does not focus on large IT companies or products, but focuses on new trends in the IT field. 5. GigaOm http://gigaom.com/ The blogger is Om Malik, a well-known and well-known technology industry journalist and “Enterprise 2.0” expert.The blog focuses on the development of new technologies, how companies use Web 2.0, and the impact of technology on the economy.The blog currently requires an agent to access it. 6. ValleyWag http://valleywag.com/ is a Gawker media blog that focuses on rumors and news about Silicon Valley companies and well-known people.The style of the blog’s articles is also controversial, and some of the false rumors or overly harsh comments have plagued companies or Silicon Valley executives.For example, the blog recently published articles in a row and violently criticized Facebook chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg. 7. VentureBeat http://venturebeat.com/ The founder was MattMarshall, a former reporter for the San Jose Messenger.The blog mainly tracks global venture capital investment, especially the Internet entrepreneurial ventures to obtain venture capital.The blog also has a lot to do with the Chinese venture capital market.Because the San Jose Mercury News itself has a strong flavor of Silicon Valley, Marshall took the initiative in establishing VentureBeat.In addition, Marshall's journalists experienced articles that made the blog very similar to news.

Big website blog

1. BoomTown http://kara.allthingsd.com/ The Wall Street Journal reporter Kara Swisher's blog (also a personal column).Swisher has worked for the San Francisco branch of The Wall Street Journal since 1997, and with Walt Mossberg hosted the "D: All ThingsDigita" conference, which has a wide range of influence in the IT industry.Swisher has a good relationship with many Silicon Valley executives, and some people call it Facebook's chief operating officer Sandberg's “Close friend”.Swisher's blog focuses on the dynamics of big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. She posted a lot of inside information in the Microsoft Yahoo M&A battle. However, Swisher himself obviously hates Yahoo CEO Yang Zhiyuan. 2. Bits http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/ The New York Times blog.Pay more attention to the development and profitability of IT companies in the digital age.The coverage includes entrepreneurial companies, large corporations, government policies, and the use of technology in the global market. 3, The Tech Beat http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/ "Business Week" blog, a number of "Business Weekly" reporters jointly write.Focus on the truth behind science and technology news incidents, as well as the analysis of news events.The blog is one of the mainstream media technology blogs. Its coverage includes market leaders such as Apple, Google and Intel, as well as emerging leaders such as Facebook. 4,Between the Lines http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/ ZDNet's blog, mainly concerned about the dynamics of large companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, Apple and so on.The three contributors were Larry Dignan, Sam Diaz, and Tom Steinert-Threlkeld.Among them, Dignan is the chief editor of ZDNet, Diaz is the senior editor of ZDNet, and Steinert-Threlkeld is an IT industry reporter with more than 20 years of experience.This also makes the blog post quite authoritative. 5, The Social http://news.cnet.com/the-social/ CNET's blog, the owner of the blog is New Yorker Caroline McCarthy.McCarthy believes that the network should be able to help people's daily life, so Twitter, Facebook and other community sites are the focus of the blog.She also pays attention to the unique Internet culture in New York. 6, Beyond Binary http://news.cnet.com/beyond-binary/ The same for CNET's blog, blogger editor Ina Fried CNET.During her tenure at CNET, Fried had undergone sex change surgery.The blog focuses on how technology changes lives, and pays particular attention to Microsoft's developments.

Half News Website Half Blog

1. ArsTechnica http://arstechnica.com/index.ars The website name is a Latin phrase meaning "art of technology."The site is dedicated to original IT news and commentary as well as an in-depth analysis of technology trends.ArsTechnica was founded in 1998 and was founded by Ken Fisher.The site was acquired by media company Condé Nast Publications in May this year. 2. The Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/ A British technology news website whose news is similar to a blog.The website was created in 1994 by John Lettice and Mike Magee, who initially provided technical newsletters via email.The site's articles are full of English-style satire, such as Google is often referred to as "the world's largest text advertising agency." 3, WebProNews http://www.webpronews.com/ WebProNews is a website focused on Internet business and search engines, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, advertising and online brands.It is worth mentioning that the website often quotes Internet market development reports from various research institutions and analyzes the reports.However, the website is less time-sensitive in many daily news reports. 4. Techdirt http://www.techdirt.com/ This website was created in 1997.According to Techdirt’s own introduction, the site employs a group of analysts from industries such as technology, communications and media to provide all useful information in the information age.As a survivor of the Internet bubble, Techdirt still retains many features of the Web 1.0 era.In fact, the website is more like an IT forum, and the articles on it are usually not too long and the emotions are obvious.The topic of his article is very wide. 5, Search Engine Land http://searchengineland.com/ Committed to reporting the development of the search engine blog, the blogger is a reporter with 11 years of experience in the search engine reporter Danny Sullivan.The blog content includes search engine marketing, search related issues and search engine industry.


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