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The Turing robot was discovered during the use of a public guest by a public number. It is a free and open API for artificial intelligence that can input questions to the user (weather, greetings, train tickets, news, jokes, etc.) ) Humanized reply, then I introduced it to my own WeChat account.In learning Android development process, I thought to add it to java, the following is my non-interface console code.If you are interested in Turing robots, you may wish to pay attention to my public number.

JAVA (Android) access to Turing robot code

The above code needs to introduce the json.jar package, because the Turing robot returns a json format string that requires the user to do json parsing.For the json parsing method, my previous reprint article describes in detail: parse the json data, after you apply for the Turing robot API,

Replace "yourapikey" in your code with your own.

Test effect:

Turing Robot introduces java


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