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About webservice

Due to the JSON and JMI web services written in JAVA and PHP, this time it is natural to think about using webservice to manage the to-do list.What JAVA and PHP JSON, JMI, and webservice have in common is that they can provide server resource sharing. Web Service is cross-platform and can be invoked in different devices and different programming languages, so its application scope should be wider than RMI.

Webservice implementation management to-do list based on MySQl database query

Run the screenshot

Java implementation webservice+MySQl Java implementation webservice+MySQl Add User: Add Items: Inquiry Items: Delete Items: Clear Items: Java implementation webservice+MySQl

How server-side code is implemented

Here's how to implement the server-side code for the above functions:. My server has four main categories: database connection and method interface TodoListInterDbFace, database connection and method implementation class TodolistDb and method implementation class and webservice interface TodoListServerInterface, Webservice implementation class TodoListServer.  

The following is a schematic diagram:

Java implementation webservice+MySQl

How the client code is implemented

Wsimport -keep After parsing the WSDL: The main method for creating the TodoListClient class is:

  For the realization of the menu please refer to my blog article:


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