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Because it is inconvenient to add running parameters in the eclipse running configuration, it is recommended to export the debugged java project as a jar package that can be run. Then open the jar in the command line and use the "java -jar <package name> <main function. Parameter 1 Parameter 2 ......> ". The help command in the figure below is the first element arg[0] of the parameter array arg[] when the main function is executed.The parameters are separated by spaces, followed by arg[1], arg[2]. Knowing this, making a java command line navigation menu is simple.In order to facilitate the operation, the extremely guest also produced a GUI for this experiment, supporting GUI, command line dual interface mode operation and application.The benefits of the command line may only be understood by programmers. Its greatest benefit, personally believed, is that it can be batched. This is something that GUI users cannot understand.

Effect preview:

java command line navigation menu


The following code performs the methods defined in the previous article by matching the main function parameters entered by the user.Entering the GUI and not entering parameters will start the GUI mode. java command line navigation menu 2  

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