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Baidu search rankings often change according to the size of the traffic that the page search enters. If many people will enter the same page for a keyword, Baidu will think that this page can solve this problem well, so that this page will be searched for in this keyword. It is in front of other pages.In the backstage of Baidu webmaster platform, we can know what keywords are searched by Baidu and whether they have entered our webpage.We can do this by making a page that contains all the URLs for those keywords. After visiting, we can access our website to improve our website ranking.Traffic Keywords Link Pages Boost Baidu Weights

Traffic Keywords Link Pages Boost Baidu Weights

The following code is a traffic keyword link page I wrote, which is all my Baidu keywords.We occasionally click to improve the corresponding keyword rankings.The usage method is to export Baidu traffic keywords in a keyword.txt file with one keyword per line. The file path is the same as the following PHP code file.



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