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In the evening, through the city's feasting, but also through the bustling pedestrian overpass, at this time often see many big aunt in the sale of some small things, this and now the bustling city society seems to be disjointed.This suddenly reminds me of Lu Xun's "Ah Q true" inside of AH Q is to do this small business to make a fortune, and is a little town of an innovative business model, I do not know whether the big uncle will be the same thinking or is inspired by their time.So I want to say, when can not stop learning can not stop following the footsteps of the times, otherwise, when we are old to become today's big uncle, is the Times change quickly, inadvertently between abandoned.

Yesterday saw a small video, see Li led Bowie to visit Baidu Building, noon break staff in massage chair lunch break, Robin Li into the lounge to turn on the lights, employees are awake a bit, nor how to express.Bowie said, the boss is old you are sleeping (and greeting is not how to fight), so not afraid of being fired, in fact, the Internet company's atmosphere is very relaxed and free.

Many people in the traditional thinking in the world, so I also often think, or more to see the world Ah.There are things that you think are natural, but not all of them.


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