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Where there is light, there is an internet signal.Turn off the lights and there is no network.Fudan successfully developed the use of indoor visible light transmission network signal.The researchers connected the network signal to a 1W LED lamp bead, and 4 computers under the light could access the Internet. The maximum speed was 3.25G, and the average internet speed was 150M. It was the fastest light internet access in the world. The future of visible light communication is safe and economical WiFi technology has become more and more popular, but complaining that wireless signal instability, slow Internet access, WiFi hotspots are too few and more and more people use.Now, Lifi may help people solve such problems.What is Lifi (Light Fidelity)?Both visible light wireless communication is the use of fast optical pulses to wirelessly transmit information. It is understood that it is entirely feasible to encode information in light according to different speeds. For example, LED ON means 1 and OFF means 0. Information can be transmitted through fast switching.Due to the luminous intensity of the LEDs, the human eye does not notice the rapid change of light LiFi technology.The use of light bulbs around the world is inexhaustible, especially in the domestic LED light source is a large-scale replacement of traditional incandescent lamps.Just add a microchip to any humble LED bulb to turn the bulb into a wireless network transmitter. At the same time, compared with the existing WiFi, the future of visible light communication is safe and economical.WiFi relies on the invisible radio wave transmission, the power of the equipment is getting larger and larger, and the local electromagnetic radiation is bound to increase; the wireless signal passes through the wall and the network information is insecure.These security risks have been “sweeping away” in visible light communications.Moreover, the spectrum is 10,000 times larger than the radio spectrum, which means greater bandwidth and higher speed, and the network setup hardly requires any new infrastructure. Lifi industrialization can only reach millions of households. Does Lifi approach tens of millions of households like wifi?Professor Chi Nan of the School of Information Science and Engineering at Fudan University stated that Lifi technology also has its limitations."Because, from the lighting communication control to the chip design and manufacturing, a series of key technology products are all initiated by researchers. At present, there is no commercial chipset. To really go into millions of households like WiFi, we need to go through a series of industries. There is still a long way to go for development.“Chi Nan believes that Lifi technology itself also has its limitations, such as if the light is blocked, the network signal will be cut off and so on. It is reported that Lifi is not a competitor of WiFi, but a complement to each other and helps to free up spectrum space.In the future, Lifi will be able to produce killer applications. It also depends on people’s unlimited imagination: cars rely on LED lights to “talk”. Passengers in the aircraft cabin use the LED reading light on the head to access the Internet...


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