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Some time ago I wrote an article about "Using Third-Party Websites to Make My Own App Online" and introduced many online APP generation tools. Here I would like to use the "Ami" as a typical example to tell everyone how to do for discuz. Mobile client, including mainstream mobile operating systems: Android and IOS.One of the things to tell is that recently, Anmi has removed the ads for the free version of the discuz client.

Make mobile client for discuz site (Android+IOS)

1. Log in to Amy's official website, enter the discuz conversion page

Amy official website: www.appbyme.com/mobcentACA/app/create/start discuz conversion page address: http://www.appbyme.com/mobcentACA/app/create/start Please log in to create a new application page Make mobile client for discuz site (Android+IOS)

  • 2. According to the official document, create a client

  • The official document address is: http://www.appbyme.com/mobcentACA/view/staticPage/Discuz.jsp. The official documents are very detailed and I will not go into details here.

During the production process, Amy's verification files and plug-ins will be downloaded. The plug-ins can add plug-ins to the “applications” on the background of discuz, search for “Anmi”, and install the plug-ins.Depending on how many people are online, your task of building an app may wait for a while.

Application Management, Release, and Upgrade

Application management and update push services are provided in Amy's application management panel. Each time an application is upgraded, when the user launches your forum app, an update message box will pop up, prompting an upgrade, similar to Baidu Post Bar. Make mobile client for discuz site (Android+IOS)  

Application screenshot preview

Make mobile client for discuz site (Android+IOS) Baiyin IT Forum - User Center Client Posting [ /caption]

If you want to try other third-party production app, you may refer to my previous article: Use a third-party website to do your own APP online | Wang Baiyuan's blog http://wangbaiyuan.cn/107.html


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