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December 24, according to foreign media reports, Internet Engineering Steering Committee IESG recently passed a new Internet HTTP status code - 451 (UnavailableForLegal Reasons), on behalf of legal factors, the site content has been blocked. New Http status code - 451 New Http status code - 451 The status code for Fahrenheit 451 451 by Ray Bradbury comes from Ray Bradbury's influential novel Fahrenheit 451 (Fahrenheit 451).As early as three years ago, Google Tim Bray proposed to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to allow developers to implement "451" HTTP status codes, but it was not officially approved until last week. He believes that it should separate the code that is not visible from web pages due to technical and non-technical reasons.Previously, many websites used the "403" HTTP status code to describe the prohibition of access due to technical reasons. The "451" will be widely implemented in the future. This error code should help users solve the confusion that they cannot visit the website. The original intention of the 451 status code is to identify which content is forbidden by law and can be used on a network device or a web server.Now, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and Google have all started using this status code to deal with censorship requirements in various countries. However, some governments will ban the use of 451 error codes to avoid disclosure of censorship of web content.


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