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Today I tried to make a WP plug-in. This plug-in produced an exception output of 594 characters in the process of being enabled.If you have problems with "headers already sent" errors, syndication feeds (such as RSS) errors, try disabling or removing this plug-in. Baidu checked the investigation, saying that it was a conflict, the amount of ... ... I really did not find and which conflict, had to unload the heavy equipment, but the result is still the same, I think that is definitely where the block is wrong, right?I deleted the code line by line, leaving the plug-in header information, or the same error, looks like the relationship between the code, as a programmer, I want to code is not a problem, is the coding problem, oh, a try, sure enough , Let's share it for everyone:


To use UTF-8 with BOM when saving files, it looks like you just have to press the BOM to save it. What to save depends on what code content your plug-in uses.


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