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On the first of May, it was a season of simulations.The life of a busy college student is hard to welcome the May Day when he was a child.Then Wuyi at the Xigong University was never laid back.The uninterrupted lights, even at 12 o'clock in the morning, are still scattered.Workers working hard day and night, because of all kinds of motivation, almost reached a full digital model of the situation.The eloquent essays were often over 20 pages long. They didn't know what they had written and they couldn't understand. However, in their hands, this pile of heavy “knowledge” was still a little emotional and fulfilling.Among these group of workers, there are natural guests. Do not know when a man came behind me, looked at my basically completed papers, yelled: "The title is so difficult, the paper is so long, but also add a directory, really troublesome!".Hearing these words, I can not help but respect the heart of this man: "Your directory is a word knocked on by yourself?".He replied: "Or?".Halo ... ..., so I was so so, and so in a word with him, to listen to, he could not help but repeatedly praised: "How wonderful!". This is why I recorded the words of my dear friend as such and shared it with Wang Baiyuan’s blog:

officeWord automatically adds directories and page numbers to documents

In mathematics papers, it is not surprising that there are 20 pages of papers at a time. It would be worth noting that the physical and mental health of individuals would be spent on cataloging and page numbers.If 20 pages of papers are likely to be less than 20 in terms of size, then what do you think of the list of books without thousands of pages and how they are accurately marked?

First, add a heading style for the title

For mathematical model papers and books, the structure is generally very strong. When labeling titles for chapters, we try not to simply bold the text and increase the font size to serve as a title. Instead, we should strictly add “title one” to the title text. Title two "and other heading styles.Adding a heading style, word will not only help you bold the heading text plus the size but also identify the hierarchy of the content: for example, heading 1 is the parent of heading 2, and heading 2 is the parent of heading 3. officeWord automatically adds directories and page numbers to documents What is the role of adding strict heading styles and hierarchies between titles?Of course for the following add directory.

Second, Word automatically adds directories and page numbers to documents

After setting the title style, use the word2010 used by the extreme guest as an example. Open the "Reference" tab - Directory - Add a directory, select the "Automatic" directory and your favorite style, and you will be able to see the automatically added directory. : As shown in the figure above, the word will be indented according to the hierarchical relationship between titles for the title of the directory. For example: 1. The restatement of the problem 2. The analysis of the problem is a style of the title; 1.1 The background of the problem 1.2. It is the title two style, so see the background of the 1.1 question shrinks behind the restatement of the question.After adding a directory, if you add a new content or title that causes the directory to change accordingly, click on the directory added above, click on "Update Directory", the directory contents and page number will automatically update; and, when you press "ctrl" and Click on the corresponding heading in the table of contents and the word will automatically jump to the heading. officeWord automatically adds directories and page numbers to documents  

Addendum: Word will be added: Page foot plus page number

Word document page number does not need to manually add, select "Insert - page number", select the page number, several page styles please choose.In this way, when creating a new word page, the page number of the new page will be added simultaneously. officeWord automatically adds directories and page numbers to documents


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