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Bitmap and vector illustration

Not all things in the world are suitable to be viewed with prudence. Some things can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be seen closely.A picture, zoomed in and zoomed in again, whether it is a giant photo taken by a SLR, or a digital photo that is several tens of megabytes, is like a large number of mosaics after amplification, revealing the nature of the image—the dots (ie, the pixels).The colorful photos we see are actually made up of a group of dots. As long as the picture is stored describing the color of each pixel, the pixels will be brought together and taken away. It is a beautiful picture. . As we can see in the above picture, we will think of the universally accepted theorem in mathematics textbooks: Surfaces consist of dots.There seems to be nothing wrong with this, but today I said that it was made up of lines, and you might think I was just playing a word game.In fact, I would like to say that these two expressions actually represent two kinds of computer picture format ideas - bitmap and vector.If you say that "face is made up of points," I say "bitmap"; if I say "face is made up of lines," I'm talking about vector graphics.There is no big difference between the two expressions on the surface, but it actually means that there is a big difference between the images. Bitmaps use images that we call pixel-by-cell dots to describe images. Your computer screen is actually a grid of pixels. In the bitmap, the image of the leaf we see above will be The position and color value of each pixel in each grid is determined. The color of each point is fixed. When we view the image at a higher resolution, each dot looks like a mosaic block. . Vectors use lines and curves to describe the image, so they are called vectors, and the graph also contains color and position information. The leaves in the following example use a lot of points to connect curves to describe the outline of the leaves. Then according to the outline, Fill the inside of the image with a certain color.

Icon font

The vector may have been unheard of before, and it wasn’t until you saw this article that you were shocked to learn of its existence.Actually, you have been in the "mountain" of the vector image. The computer font you see is actually a vector image. The way to prove it is: no matter how much the word font is adjusted, it is so clear that the outline of the word is still on the edge. So smooth and smooth. Using wordpress, I became acquainted with the icon font. As you can see, the icon used on Wang Boyuan's blog navigation menu is the icon font, because you will find it is the same as the text. You can change the color, set the size, and always be the same as the text. It is high fidelity. WordPress on fontawesome is extremely widely used, and there are domestic Alibaba vector icon libraries.The use of icon fonts eliminates the work of many artists for website development.You must be amazed by its magic when you first see icon fonts, and then you may want to trace the source to find out exactly how it was made.

Use icomoon to create a personal icon font

When you design a beautiful graphics, avatar, or when you are very confident about your brushstrokes, and you use boring calligraphic fonts - you want to use your own designs on the site or even The entire PPT text sets your own brush font.Then, using icomoon to create a personal icon font is a good choice.

The first step in making an icon font is to make a vector

A simple way to make vector graphics is to convert bitmaps to vector graphics.Because the way to get a bitmap is very simple, you only need to use a mobile phone to take pictures of your design or brush calligraphy to get a bitmap.  


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