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The eternal water of the Yangtze River, the Millennium Confucianism Road.In the long history of history, mortal beings are uneven, but they are always able to sum up a "birthday before the end of life."Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, the five-thousand-year-old Chinese culture, always revolves around these three mainstream ideas.In the millennia, Junjie Junjie, literati and scholars, and numerous generations of people can be said to be not many.But when you think about it, people's thoughts can always find the thinking of their predecessors.Philosophy to Programming: Instantiation of Ideas When we were young, we learned from our predecessors, read newspapers, and traverse the books. Everyone always learns from their predecessors' thoughts and then uses their thoughts to guide them to the world.The philosophers are often unrestrained and imaginary. Therefore, the philosopher’s thoughts do not have to be overstated. “Sustainable development” is the slogan of today’s policy, but when Mencius and Liang Huiwang talked about politics a thousand years ago, they said, “When you don’t go out of business, valleys cannot Victory food is also available; the number is not in the Dianchi Lake, and the fish can't win the food; the axe can enter the forest with time, and the wood is invincible.The valley and the fish bowl are invincible, and the wood is invincible. It is the loss of the people's health.The beginning of Wang Dao also."Now medical insurance raises the issue of "being depended on the old," but "Book of Rites" has long said that "the old and the young have endeavors to be strong and useful, and they have their own talents, and those who are widowed, lonely, and sick are all raised."From this point of view, we find that we seem to be very uncomfortable. Some seemingly fresh words are actually deeply rooted in the wisdom of our predecessors. From a programming point of view, the classes, method functions, and service protocols that we refer to in the application are written by predecessors. They are written in the Windows operating system and written in the Android SDK, no matter how much your program writes. Force you to call the wisdom of your predecessors.Isn't our program so unbearable?In programming, calling a class and its methods, creating a real object, called the "instantiation" process of the class. In the same way, learning from the philosophical thinking of the predecessors and practising their own people’s thinking is not a process of “instantiation.”The predecessors summed up the basic philosophical thoughts, and it is their own that future generations can understand themselves, and then combine various predecessors' wisdom and use them to surpass their predecessors.Create a "object" based on the underlying "class" of the underlying code for their own use, combine various "controls", events, and thus create a variety of applications.The operating system is great, but how much of the greatness of the operating system is a strong credit for the application?We say that a philosopher is great, not because his thoughts have influenced future generations and cultivated a great group of people.Each of us is an instantiation object of our predecessors' thoughts. Our instantiation has made us successful. At the same time, we have also accomplished our ancestors. The process of practicing ideology is not without merit.Ideas are great for instantiation.


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