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Recently, Wang Baiyuan’s blog was frequently registered by robots or maliciously attempted login. Occasionally, he received 100 rubbish registration records in one night and received 100 login error email notifications in 10 minutes, which made the very guests very silent and bored.Try to shield IP and other methods still have little effect on the situation, the very guests can not consider joining the verification code, and currently only added a verification code in the registration page, use the Limit Login Attempts plug-in control login (Chinese version of the plug-in see articles :). The following is the PHP code to generate letters, symbols, and digital captchas. It is the extreme guest who has made some modifications to the Internet code: $strpol defines which letters, symbols, and numbers to use for verification codes.

Effect demonstration:


Php code generates letters, symbols, digital captcha pictures



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Reprinted Note Source: Baiyuan's Blog>>https://wangbaiyuan.cn/en/php-create-letter-symbol-number-captcha-2.html

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