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Today is Christmas. It took half a day to make a holiday greeting and holiday theme. The effect was not bad.The theme of the blog of Wang Baiyuan’s blog can be changed on the day of the Yang Jie Festival and Chinese festivals (including the Lunar New Year festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.), and festive greetings will be sent in the site announcement. Here is the key PHP class: Lunar.Which getFestival () function can be passed in an indefinite number of arguments, can be passed through the Gregorian calendar date, do not pass the default is the current server time, the function achieved to determine whether the specified date is a holiday has been set : For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. At the same time, holiday greetings or verses are also output. The returned form is an array.The remaining functions implement the conversion between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar. The Lunar calendar also supports the Lunar Calendar of the Lunar Calendar and the Zodiac, which returns the current date. PHP Gets Lunar Calendar and Holidays  



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