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Last night, the database system experiment, the teacher said a paragraph of speech made my heart ripples, the original meaning of the words is probably this:

"Some freshmen and sophomores don't think their coding ability is good. They say that the code is very good."She went on to say:" Everyone noticed that you wouldn't write code in the future. If you write code, wouldn't you grab the jobs of higher vocational students? You're not coders.In the future, you will be software architects, analysts, and designers.If you later say that the coding ability of a certain person is very strong, and it is not praised, that is to say, XY is a code farmer (this is almost the same meaning). If you are a big day sophomore, you only need to be proficient in a programming language.

It may mean that the school has a solid foundation, and then from the top down, learn something high-profile (such as an overview of these subjects). This reminds me of the Swordsman, Qizong and Jianzong. Practice "qi" or practice "sword" Jianzong Kung Fu is quick and quick.Everyone practiced for 10 years, and it was decided that Jianzong had the upper hand; each practiced for 20 years, it was every chance to win the game, and it was difficult to get up and down; when it was 30 years old, practicing Jianfeng Kungfu could no longer be expected.It's like learning what you've learned and putting together code that can quickly write a small app, but it doesn't learn the idea of ​​software engineering.If one is willing to learn theory and is unwilling to be left alone, he will still "won't learn anything for so long."If it is difficult to choose among them, Qi Jian and Shuang Xiu, Yue Buqun asserted, "If both are dominant, it means that neither is the Lord.Another thought was that some time ago, when Beijing University dropped out of school and read a technical school, it could be considered as "betraying Qizong and reliance on Jianzong".I feel that Yue Buqun is still very powerful. I only think of “Swordsman”. We did not read it: Life is still full of philosophy.


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