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The AWS fargate re:invent Conference, released in November 2017, is a technology that lets you run containers without having to manage servers or clusters, and we only care about the application image and the resources it needs.

[Caption Id= "" align= "AlignCenter" width= "743"] Location of AWAWS Fargate Quick FactsS Fargate on the technology radar [/caption]

AWS fargate: Keywords

  • DevOps, cloud computing domain
  • A cloud service for AWS
  • Severless: No Server
  • Container running Platform
  • and EC2 instance at a level
  • Support for ECS, Eks:amazon Ecs/eks has two modes: Fargate Startup Type and EC2 Startup type

Properties due to ECS

  • Monitoring
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Health Check
  • Blue-Green Deployment
  • Load Balancing
  • Ecr:aws Mirror Warehouse
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Network configuration
  • Cloudformation: Infrastructure is code

From the container running platform aspect: Fargate compared to EC2 Instance difference, Advantage

[Caption Id= "" align= "AlignCenter" width= "644"] EC2 vAWS Fargate Quick Factss Fargate: architecture [/caption]

EC2 Instance vs Fargate: Security

Transfer security responsibilities to cloud service vendors

  • Ami:
    • System Update
    • Security vulnerabilities
  • Ssh
    • SSH Key
    • Fortress machine

EC2 Instance vs Fargate: Pricing method

  • Fargate Total cost (in resources) = Total cost of Vcpus + total memory cost
    • Total Vcpus cost = number of Vcpus x per cpu-second price x CPU duration (seconds)
    • Total memory Cost = number of tasks x memory (GB) x price per gigabyte x daily memory duration (seconds) x number of days
  • EC2 Instance Total Cost (in Instance = Instance type's unit price/hour x number of hours

Compare Fargate and lambda from serverless angle

Dimension of Fargate Lambda
Operating unit Containers for easy migration Function
Application language Unlimited Limited language, no support for complex applications
Run time limit Unlimited 5 minutes
Auto Scale Configurable elastic Scaling Default support
Storage Warehouse Ecr S3
Deployment Difficulty So so Simple
Persistence of Have status No status
Pricing method Resources * Number of seconds Code Execution Time (100ms) * Number of code firings

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