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Now everyone has their own computer, because of the longer use of their own computer has a sense of affinity.However, in school labs, due to the configuration or old problems of school computers, we were very unhappy.So we might as well use the school's computer to connect to our own computer for remote login and let our computers go along.

1. Open your computer's remote login permissions

a. Right click on "Computer" to open the Properties - Remote Settings: On the right side of the Remote Desktop we see three options: Allow connection, allow any version of the connection, allow only network level authentication to run... Here I suggest checking the second item that allows any version, which means that regardless of your own computer is not win XP or WIN 7, other people's win XP or win7 can log in remotely.If you have problems with remote desktops that cannot be connected, you may wish to check if this is a problem.  

2. Get local IP address

To obtain an IP address, click on the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer to access the Network and Sharing Center - View Active Network - Local Connection (ie your current network connection). Click on the General Information tab to access your own IPV4 address. This is used as the remote login IP address; you can also enter "ipconfig" in the command indicator to get the current IP address.

3. Open the remote desktop connection of another person's computer, type the IP address to connect

Click "Start" - All Programs - Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection, type in the IP address obtained in the second step, and then click "Connect". Then you will enter the user login screen.Then you can enjoy the pleasure of remote login.    

common problem

a. Are there any problems with the above configuration or can't connect?  

Please take a look at whether the firewall shields the remote desktop connection network

b. The remote desktop speed is high and it will consume a lot of traffic    

Remote Desktop will not consume your billing traffic if it is performed in LAN.


Convenient tips

You can save the remote desktop connection configuration so that you can directly open the remote desktop file directly, without entering an IP address. Method: Click on the "Options" drop-down triangle in the above figure, Connection Settings - Save        


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