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This tutorial development environment: win8 64-bit, win7, xp should be no problem, pay attention to choose 32-bit, 64-bit distinction

1. Install Perl http://strawberryperl.com/

    This step may not be necessary. At the moment, I have installed it.

2. Download MinGW-w64 http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/host-windows/releases/4.8.1/32-bit/threads-win32/dwarf/x32-4.8.1-release-win32- Dwarf-rev1.7z/download

Extract to the specified directory, the directory structure is probably like this [D:mingw-buildsmingw32], add [D:mingw-buildsmingw32bin] into PATH

3. Download mingwbuilds MSYS and external binaries (for git) http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/external-binary-packages/msys+7za+wget+svn+git+mercurial+cvs-rev13.7z/ Download

Extract to the relevant directory of MinGW-w64 above, the directory structure is probably like this [D:mingw-buildsmsys]

4. Install JDK7 Add the path of jdk17bin to PATH

5. Go to the Android official website to download the SDK, I downloaded the ECLIPSE version, and then download the NDK, extract to the same level of the SDK directory, ensure that the NDK, SDK folder at the same level, then start the included Eclipse, should be able to Android APP was developed.

Pay attention to the next SDKMANAGER.exe, remove the spaces, WIN8 is set to start as if the administrator started running

6. Configure the following environment variables:

  • Set "ANDROID_NDK_PLATFORM=android-9" set "ANDROID_TARGET_ARCH=armeabi-v7a" set "ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_REVISION=17.0.0" set "ANDROID_NDK_HOST=windows-x86_64" or set "ANDROID_NDK_HOST=windows" .. Depending on which NDK you downloaded.

7. Download QT5.1 for android and install it.

8. Download ANT

9. Configure QT CREATER

[Reprinted] Android development environment configuration under QT5.1_Windows

After the configuration, you should be able to use the AVD Manager to create a new simulator, and then create a new project, pay attention to pay attention to select the android side of the compiler.

At this point, I will build a project, make, and deploy. If all goes well, I should be able to run. I used 9300 to test successfully.

Newly built inside, mobile QT application visual can not go according to the above process.

Another, may not be able to create new AVD at this time, my machine is only used after the restart


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