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For most WPers, developing their own mobile applications is unrealistic.Not to mention that the development of the Native App requires a good Java foundation. Even if it is a Hybrid development, for example, using PhoneGap, it is now more complicated.

Fortunately, technological advances have allowed us to find many free-to-use tools on the web, turning our WordPress website into a mobile app that looks just fine.

Through search engines, you can find a lot of online mobile app production tools, many of which are free and easy to use.At a time when trying to move the WordPress blog to mobile, some of the online mobile app tools were studied and shared as follows:

Domestic mainstream online APP generation tool

  • Baidu Site app: http://siteapp.baidu.com

  • Application Park: http://www.apppark.cn/

  • Chasing letter box: http://app.zhui.cn/

  • Anmi Net: http://www.appbyme.com/

  • Jane Network APP Factory: http://www.cutt.com/

  • Application Star: http://www.appstar.com.cn/

  • AppCan: http://www.appcan.cn/

There are more famous overseas online development platforms

  • Infinite Monkeys: http://www.infinitemonkeys.mobi

  • Apppmakr:http://www.appmakr.com/

  • GameSalad: http://gamesalad.com/

  • Jimu: http://jimulabs.com/

  • Mobile Roadie: http://mobileroadie.com/

  • Attendify: http://attendify.com/




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