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As a male engineering student studying software engineering, I chose to avoid elective subjects when I chose elective courses.Wei Zheng once said: “Party listening is dark, and listening is always clear.” In an increasingly impetuous society, I think that the humanistic atmosphere is just as important to a person as a person and a technological literacy, especially after being stained with fame and fortune, the people and the tradition are wiped out. In the clear stream, people can be more quiet and clear.In view of this, I selected a section of "International Economy" this semester, and also selected a "Thirteen Classics Reading Guide." Both of these options have their own merits, each of which has caused my unique reflection.Here, I chose a classic article in The Book of Songs--《蒹葭》 for appreciation as my final thesis.

Let us first review this passage:

The sky is pale and the white dew is frost.The so-called Iraqis, on the side of the water, retrospectively, obstruction and long.Sit back from it, like in the middle of the water.

Hey, Bai Lu is not.The so-called Iraqi people are in the water.Backtracking from it, the road is obstructed and rampant.Sit back from it, just like in the water.

蒹葭 蒹葭 蒹葭 蒹葭 白 白 白 白 白 白.The so-called Iraqi people are in the water.Go back from the road, resistance and right.Sit back from it, just like in the water.

From my point of view, "蒹葭" probably speaks of a crush story.At the end of the golden autumn, the river was turned into a frost by the river, and the embankment was laid. In this ordinary fall, the hero encountered the “goddess” that made him heartbeat, and the goddess was on the other side of the river.The hero walks up the river and finds Iraqi people.The waterway is curved and twists and turns, but he is still reluctant to let go and finds her down the river with dangerous obstacles. The Italian seems to be in the middle of the water. The reeds on the river were lush and the dew had not yet dried in the morning. The Italians were on the other side of the river, and the hero did not give up. In this way, the love of the heart was repeatedly pursued. At the end of the poem, the poet still did not clarify, and the love of the two remained the same. .

The Thirteenth Period Completion: The Appreciation of The Book of Songs in The Book of Songs

It is a matter of distinction. "The Book of Songs" has been celebrated for 3,000 years. No one has ever told us the ending of this love story.The ending is blurred, but we can be sure: The man on the banks of the river three thousand years ago, no matter how rugged the front road, will still pursue the woman in his heart, although the process may also be like a “repeated” loop of poetry, although “the so-called Iraqi” is always old. It looks like "in the water," but there is a certain love in the heart.

“ 没有” without a big ending seems to ask us, after experiencing several “retroversive, long-impeding and long” experiences, after several encounters but not meeting each other, do you still crush the one in her heart? ?

In today's society, there is such a saying that has won the "mind of the people". It is passed down from ear to ear in the majority of teenagers and young girls. According to the Internet, "If you never leave, I will live and die."This sentence is beautiful, but I read the sadness out of it.In plain language, only you love me to make me love you.Judging by today’s value orientation, this is fair to both men and women. If you don’t love me, what qualifications are there for me to live with you forever? If you want to stay with you for life, you have to fight for security. abandoned.But can it be true that there is no trust in love and faith without faith?I remembered the man who was in the temple, just for the love belief in his heart.Although I can't meet each other, I still love it and I don’t pursue it.This is what kind of infatuation, this is how romantic love.

This is such a love: Although I know that I don't end in love, I still love you; I don't ask you forever, but I will do my best.


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