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Navicat guests used personal data in the database learning process to think of the best database connectivity, design, and editing software.It is not only the most beautiful interface in the database software used by the very guests, but also the most powerful and simple to operate. Navicat has for MySQL, for MariaDB, for SQL Server, for SQLite, and for Oracle. For multiple single database versions such as PostgreSQL, and also a comprehensive version of Navicat Premium, Navicat Premium is a multi-connected database management tool that allows you to connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and The PostgreSQL database supports most of the functions used in today's database management systems, including stored procedures, events, triggers, functions, views, etc. At the same time, users can be added to the database to set permissions. Extreme users use Navicat in addition to the above common features, but also use navicat for database data backup, synchronization, Wang Baiyuan's blog on the virtual machine database data backup, synchronized to the local, or use navicat to move the site.I mainly introduce how to use Navicat to make ER diagrams and interconvert with SQL: export database tables into ER diagrams and export ER diagrams into SQL statements (this feature is also extremely unintentional for guests, just learning, welcome to share!).

First, make ER diagram with Navicat

  Open the navicat "model" - "new model" navicat make ER diagram  

Second, export the ER diagram as a SQL statement

[Caption id="attachment_1215" align="aligncenter" width="698"] Navicat export to ER diagram as SQL [/caption] Open tool - export SQL This way as long as the design ER diagram, all the table construction statement, Including the primary key, foreign key relationship, Navicat will automatically generate for us.

Third, the existing database is converted to ER diagram

Select the data table in the connected database - Right click and select "Inverse Database to Model" to generate an ER diagram model from an existing database.  


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