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 This is the EX9 of the SSD7 practice. It is expected that the extreme guests will write a series. The update frequency will be synchronized with the 2013 level progress of the NWPU database system experimental class.Click the tab or search "SSD7" on this site to get the updated SSD7 answer.Previous Exercise: SSD7_Exam2 [Normalization, E-R Mapping]

The following uses the test results on MySql:

Part I: Test Database Transaction Submit and Rollback

Almost all commercial DBMS software will support rollback before committing the transaction, which is very useful for ensuring transaction atomic characteristics.You can use the rollback command to undo part of the operation.This part of the exercise will familiarize you with the rollback and commit commands.



Part II Testing Transaction Isolation Level

PostgreSQL supports two transaction isolation levels.Complete the following exercises to familiarize yourself with PostgreSQL support for isolation levels.



Part III Blocking and Deadlock





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